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Call For Nominations For Chair And Board Of Hockey Canada

The deadline for nominations is November 10, 2022.

Hockey Canada (HC) is embarking upon a crucial time in its history. It is going to require courageous, principled, credible, and humbled leadership committed to a cultural evolution for the organization and the game with the recognized need to make difficult and transparent decisions.

The HC Nominating Committee (NC), an independent arm’s length group of volunteers with experience across different sports and community organizations outside of Hockey Canada, will lead the Nomination process. The NC is committed to recruiting and putting forward a final list of candidates who will collectively possess a wide range of skills and experiences required by the organization. The NC will undertake a thorough and rigorous process to complete these tasks prior to the elections, including screening and vetting all potential candidates.

Although the NC will lead the recruiting process it requires the collaborative efforts of the membership, the public and those with a commitment to contributing toward a cultural evolution in the game to identify and encourage qualified individuals to respond to the call for nominations.

The following are the important list of skills that will assist in identifying candidates who will appear on the election ballot. Potential candidates should demonstrate their experience in the application of those skills. Most of these will incorporate many elements covering a broad spectrum of attributes required for competent leadership. These include:

  • Mobilization of Diversified Teams
  • Financial Acumen
  • Political Sense
  • Adaptability
  • Decision Making
  • Risk Identification, Assessment and Management
  • Board Governance Experience
  • Communication and Intelligence acumen

Ensuring diversity on the Board is a critical component of the NC’s duties. This means identifying candidates who, if elected, will bring a diversity of gender, ethnicity, culture, and thought to their duties. Candidates should have a commitment to respect, safety, and fun, which are paramount for everyone involved in the game.

An important part of the process will be the screening and interviewing of potential candidates by the committee. The NC is committed to a respectful, professional, and fair process that will unfortunately only allow for a certain number to appear on the ballot. Although the committee cannot predict the number on the final list, we anticipate between 15 to 20.

For complete details on the nomination process, please CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE for the application form.

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