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Opening the Ice to All Canadians

The Hockey Canada Foundation believes that hockey has a unique ability to educate, empower, and encourage those who play. As a steward of the sport, Hockey Canada is dedicated to sharing the wonderful qualities of hockey with all Canadians.

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The Hockey Canada Foundation Gala & Golf is returning to southern Ontario in 2020; Niagara Falls will host June 15-16.
Making dreams come true
The HCF paid a visit to Edmonton ahead of the 2019 Gala & Golf, getting 23 girls onto the ice and into the game.
The Foundation has awarded Women’s Sledge Hockey of Canada and its TrailblazeHERs Project a $50,000 grant.
Ten-year-old Isaac Jansen is building awareness of the HCF and its mission to inspire a lifelong love of the game.
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The Hockey Canada Foundation has a vision: To unite Canada through hockey

There are moments that define us. That define Canada. That touch the essence of what it means to be Canadian. Pulling a hockey sweater over our head. Tightening the laces on a child’s skates. A first goal, arms raised in celebration. A medal. A moment.

As players, coaches, parents, and fans, we share a passion for hockey. The Hockey Canada Foundation was created to fuel that passion. To keep alive our history. To encourage future generations to continue building our sense of community and country.

Your support for the Hockey Canada Foundation will help us share the game with all people who share this land. It is a legacy – your legacy. It is built on history and will shape our future.

Because we are Canadians, and we play hockey for life.