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The HCF Assist Fund helped Maxinne Bareng come out of her shell, fall in love with hockey and develop her skills.
The HCF Assist Fund helped Lamar Bailey bond with friends and find new ways to express himself through hockey.
Assist Fund in Action – Cyiza
The HCF Assist Fund helped Cyiza Nsanzimana find a place where he belongs and play hockey at a higher level.
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The Hockey Canada Foundation has a vision: To unite Canada through hockey

There are moments that define us. That define Canada. That touch the essence of what it means to be Canadian. Pulling a hockey sweater over our head. Tightening the laces on a child’s skates. A first goal, arms raised in celebration. A medal. A moment.

As players, coaches, parents, and fans, we share a passion for hockey. The Hockey Canada Foundation was created to fuel that passion. To keep alive our history. To encourage future generations to continue building our sense of community and country.

Your support for the Hockey Canada Foundation will help us share the game with all people who share this land. It is a legacy – your legacy. It is built on history and will shape our future.

Because we are Canadians, and we play hockey for life.