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Investing in the future of Canadian hockey

The Hockey Canada Foundation understands the dynamic role that hockey plays in teaching important life-lessons and instilling the values that make Canadians truly unique. Emerging trends and challenges affect participation in our national winter sport today.

Canada is becoming increasingly diverse and many new Canadians are not naturally drawn to the game. As technology pervades our lives, Canadians are becoming more sedentary and having fewer interpersonal interactions – giving kids the opportunity to play will get them active and allow them to be part of a team.

The HCF knows how to address these challenges. The Foundation has developed a bold plan for the future to ensure hockey remains a strong and vital element of Canadian culture.

Our plan begins with a vision of the critical role that hockey plays in Canadian society, and establishes Hockey Canada as the steward of the game, responsible for its continued vitality and growth.

The Foundation accepts donations for the purpose of establishing and growing a selection of endowment and general purpose Funds. Caring Canadians who want to give back to the game can now do so knowing their gift to the Foundation will have an impact for generations to come. Working with the Hockey Canada team, the Foundation puts gifts to work to help ensure Canada remains at the forefront in the development and promotion of amateur hockey.

Our Vision
Uniting Canadians through hockey – one person, one community, one country.

Our Mission
The Hockey Canada Foundation preserves, nurtures, and strengthens the bond between Canadians and hockey.

Our Strategic Priorities
To unite all Canadians and achieve our mission, the Hockey Canada Foundation is committed to three strategic priorities:

Enable – Removing barriers to the game.
Educate – Providing resources and tools to better equip kids, parents, and coaches.
Engage – Promoting nation-building, citizenship, mentorship, and community involvement.


They are business leaders, former school teachers, Team Canada alumni and hockey executives. Their professional lives have pulled them in different directions, but they are drawn together by a shared love for hockey, and a shared interest in keeping Canada’s game strong.

The Hockey Canada Foundation Board of Directors are men and women who tirelessly give their time, energy and expertise to guide the Foundation and drive its mission.

Regardless of their backgrounds, they are all Canadians who have been shaped by the game. Now it is their turn to give back. While Team Canada chases gold on the international stage, the HCF board focuses on the grassroots, ensuring the next generation has the tools they need to be better players and better Canadians, and has fun while they’re doing it.


The fundraising strategy of the Hockey Canada Foundation is focused on seeking financial support from a cross-section of Canadians. Current fund development initiatives include:

  • Endowment campaign – A sustained major gift campaign aimed at growing a significant asset base that over time will generate increasing levels of income that will be used to meet the future needs of Canadian hockey.
  • Special events – To be held at different locations across the country to raise additional funds and increase public awareness regarding the ground-breaking work the Foundation is doing on behalf of Canadian hockey.
  • Planned giving – Promoting the tax and estate planning benefits of leaving a legacy to Canadian hockey through a bequest by will or other type of future gift.
  • Corporate investment, government grants, and other opportunities will be integrated into the fund development strategy where possible.


The Hockey Canada Foundation seeks to develop lasting relationships with its supporters that are built on shared values, interests and needs.

The Foundation will serve its donors by:

  • Acknowledging contributions in a timely, accurate and appropriate manner;
  • Recognizing generosity in meaningful ways – appropriate public appreciation or anonymity;
  • Reporting back in a consistent and accurate manner on the use, impact and management of gifts.

To learn more about the Hockey Canada Foundation, or to explore the many different giving options or to make a gift to Canadian hockey, contact  [email protected].

Hockey Canada Foundation Registered Charity Business Number: 86549 4694 RR0001

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Donna Iampieri

Executive Director
Hockey Canada Foundation
400 Kipling Ave.
Toronto, ON  M8V 3L1
[email protected]


Marjorie Heide

Stewardship & Prospect Research Specialist
Hockey Canada Foundation
Suite 201, 151 Canada Olympic Road SW
Calgary, AB  T3B 6B7
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