About Hockey Canada

Hockey Canada Funding Sources and Use


Hockey Canada has four main components to its financials: the Operating Fund, National Equity Fund, Health and Benefit Trust, and Pillars. Hockey Canada finances its operations primarily through national and international events, sponsorship, government and non- governmental funding, and donations. 

The following graphic summarizes the use of these funds: 


Hockey Canada continues to place emphasis on creating a safe environment for all of those involved with the game through education, injury prevention, effective playing rules and emphasizing respect in the game. 

In addition, Hockey Canada knows the importance of having effective insurance coverages in place for all participants and volunteers, and through the work of the Hockey Canada Risk 

Management Committee and Hockey Canada Board of Directors, the organization offers an insurance program that is one of the best in sport. Hockey Canada’s ongoing safety and risk management practices and the coverages that all participants benefit from are constantly reviewed, allowing it to put effective affordable insurance in place on an annual basis. 

Risk Management & Insurance Fees

Each Hockey Canada participant pays into the Hockey Canada Insurance Program, or has a fee paid on their behalf. Below is a breakdown of what that fee covers:

Liability Insurance* 

The Hockey Canada liability coverage is a General Liability Insurance Policy designed to respond on behalf of any of the registered participants in the game including players, coaches, managers, trainers, on- and off-ice officials, and volunteers. The policy is a personal injury and property damage policy. 

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance 

AD&D insurance covers very serious, permanent injuries that might occur while participating in a Hockey Canada or member-sanctioned activity. This coverage is in addition to any other valid and collectable insurance policy. 

Major Medical & Dental Insurance 

This insurance augments provincial, medical and hospital plans. It covers players, coaches, trainers/safety people, referees and other designated volunteers against accidents which occur during participation in a Hockey Canada or member-sanctioned activity. 

Risk Management & Administration 

This covers administration of the Hockey Canada Insurance Program, including risk management-related programming. 

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance 

This policy covers the directors and officers of all minor hockey associations, junior teams, Members and Major Junior teams and leagues for their exposure to legal action arising from alleged wrongful acts, which they are believed to have committed while on the board of directors of one or more of these organizations. 

*COVID-19/Hockey Canada Liability Policy 

In 2020-21 as Members, leagues and teams went through a variety of re-opening structures, the question of liability coverage was one of importance for all those involved. Many insurance companies began implementing Communicable Disease/COVID-19 exclusions on all policies either immediately, or upon renewal. We were able to reassure our membership that our primary General Liability Insurer agreed to waive this exclusion in the General Liability policy until Sept. 1, 2023. We will NOT have this exclusion in our policy until that date, at the earliest. This is a reflection of the strong relationship we have with our insurers and the strength of our national insurance program.

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