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Hockey Canada Age Divisions

Age ranges and names for levels of minor hockey

Find out when your child can begin playing minor hockey. Learn about age-appropriate development as players advance to successive age divisions.

Hockey Canada and its 13 members have ratified age division names changes for all levels of minor hockey. The changes create a simpler and more consistent reference for parents registering their children.

The changes taking effect for 2022-23 season registration.

Only the names will change. Actual divisions remain consistent with past seasons. Areas with Major and Minor designations within divisions will continue to do so under the new naming format.

Minor hockey age division chart for the 2022-23 Season

Year of Birth Age on Dec. 31, 2022 Age Division
2016 and earlier * 6 or under Under-7 (U7)
2015 7 Under-9 (U9)
2014 8
2013 9 Under-11 (U11)
2012 10
2011 11 Under-13 (U13)
2010 12
2009 13 Under-15 (U15)
2008 14
2007 15 Under-18 (U18)
2006 16
2005 17
2002-2003-2004 18-19-20 Under-21 (U21)


* The Timbits U7 program is for players under the age of seven as of Dec. 31 of the current playing year (local hockey associations have the option of registering four-year-olds).


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