Player Development

Improving hockey players through off-ice training

The ability to improve hockey skills is not limited to the ice surface. Players of all ages and experience can benefit from off-ice training. Proper off-ice or dry land training can improve skill, power, speed, stamina, injury prevention and overall health.

Hockey Canada's training materials offer an introduction direction in a number of off-ice disciplines, including:

  • Warm-up
  • Stretching
  • Plyometrics
  • Balance and coordination
  • Core conditioning
  • Agility and quickness
  • Off-ice stickhandling
  • Cool-down
  • Nutrition
  • Fluids and hydration


Off-ice hockey training

Hockey for Life, Hockey for Excellence

Hockey Canada'a Off-Ice Manuals follow guidelines from Sport Canada's Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model.


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2007-08 HCRC - Yukon
Hockey Canada visits the Yukon
HCRC - 2007 Moose Factory Rocket Richard trophy
HCRC - 2007 Moose Factory Rocket Richard trophy
2007 HCRC - Ottawa Senators
2007 HCRC - Ottawa Senators
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