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Hockey Canada and its Members have worked diligently on a Return to Hockey plan based on direction from governments and public health authorities. As provinces and territories reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hockey Canada is providing resources and information to keep players, parents, coaches, officials and volunteers updated on topics ranging from minor hockey registration to national teams.

Hockey Canada CEO Tom Renney shares what Hockey Canada and its Members have been doing – and are continuing to do – to ensure a safe and smooth return to the ice.
What are the facility guidelines? What hygiene protocols are in place? What happens if there is a positive COVID-19 test?
What are the four RTH stages? What could modified on-ice programming look like? What is the effect on registration?
What are the minimum requirements for certification? Will coach clinics be offered by Members, in-person or virtually?
What is the certification process? What are the on- and off-ice guidelines? Are there any adjustments to playing rules?
How will transfers and releases work? Will teams be allowed to travel? What are the cutdown dates for junior hockey?
Get up-to-date information from your Member and government on health guidelines and return-to-play protocols.
Advice for a return to hockey
Cassie Campbell-Pascall reminds the hockey community to embrace life lessons and lean on each other for support.
Hockey Canada has lifted the national ban, allowing each Member the opportunity to determine when the game will return.
Talking a return to hockey
Hockey Canada leadership shares details on the return-to-hockey plan – what it includes and what needs to happen.
A plan to get back on the ice
Tom Renney joins That's Hockey to discuss the Return to Hockey, and following guidelines to ensure it’s done safely.

An Open Letter to Canadians

First, and most importantly, to the front-line and essential workers who have gone above and beyond around the clock to keep Canadians safe – a simple thank you is not nearly enough for what you have done over the last three months.

Second, to our Members, partners, local hockey associations, volunteers and fans across Canada, thank you for keeping the spirit of hockey alive. Unprecedented times have called for unprecedented efforts at every level of the game.

As provinces and territories phase in a plan to reopen in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are questions about when hockey will return, and how it will look when it does.

Hockey Canada and its Members are diligently working on a multifaceted return-to-hockey plan that will happen when, and only when, provincial and territorial governments and health authorities deem it safe to do so.

This plan includes everything from health and safety regulations to communications, seasonal structure, customer engagement and national teams. 

As the return-to-hockey plan progresses, it will do so at different speeds, and at different times, across the country, based on direction from health authorities. And the game will look different, that much we do know. We ask for patience as we continue to work towards ensuring hockey plays its role in bringing the sports community back.

The health and safety of everyone involved in the game will determine when we return, not our desire to get back on the ice. When our country is ready, Hockey Canada will be ready. Until then, continue to follow the guidelines set by your provincial and territorial government to help limit the spread of COVID-19. Only by working together will we be able to make a difference and safely return.

Thank you for your passion and dedication to our game, and we hope to see you around the rink as soon as possible.

Michael Brind’Amour
Chair, Board of Directors

Tom Renney
Chief Executive Officer

Scott Smith
President & COO

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