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COVID-19 updates for Hockey Northwestern Ontario, Ontario Hockey Federation and Hockey Eastern Ontario players, parents, coaches, officials and volunteers

The following information pertains to a model that has been put into effect to prepare leagues and hockey associations to reopen. These plans are very dynamic and rely on ongoing assessment of the current COVID-19 situation within provinces and territories.

Provincial Guidelines & Restrictions

Ontario’s plan to begin to responsibly lift public health measures and restart the economy will be guided by the advice of the chief medical officer of health and public health officials, and will be based on the following principles: 

  • Protecting those in Ontario.
  • Informed by evidence.
  • Sufficient health system capacity to respond to any resurgence in COVID‑19 infections.
  • Public health capacity for rigorous testing, timely contact tracing and case management.
  • Measures will be implemented quickly, clearly and efficiently, based on health capacity, safety and economic needs, and the need to tighten or restrict measures if surges or further outbreaks occur.
  • Plans and responsibilities for individuals, employers and the healthcare system will be clear, well-communicated by government and ready to implement.

The government will reopen businesses and public spaces gradually. This will be based on the advice of the chief medical officer of health, including the criteria and thresholds detailed above. Each stage will last for approximately two-to-four-week periods to allow for close monitoring of any impacts or potential resurgence of cases.

After each period, the chief medical officer of health may advise to:

  • Reapply or tighten certain public health measures in response to a surge in cases or outbreaks;
  • Maintain status quo and continue close monitoring of impacts; or
  • Progress to the next two-to-four-week period.

Information on provincial requirements continues to change. Hockey Canada recommends checking the following resources regularly.

Ontario Relaunch Information

A Framework for Re-opening Our Province (pdf)

Re-opening Ontario in stages

Hockey-Specific Information

Hockey Northwestern Ontario

Ontario Hockey Federation

Hockey Eastern Ontario

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