Kids Corner

Here Are Some Great on Ice Tips to Help Protect You When You are on the Ice:

  • Be a good skater.
  • Wear your helmet at all times when on the ice
  • Make sure your helmet is done up to snugly so it does not move around. You should only be able to get one finger between the strap and your chin.
  • Make sure your helmet is not cracked, and do not remove the padding inside your helmet.
  • Keep your head up.
  • Be aware at all times.
  • Always go towards the boards on an angle.
  • Get your arms up when going into the boards.
  • Know the danger zone:  3-4 feet from the boards.
  • NEVER hit from behind.
  • NEVER hit to the head.
  • Control your stick.
  • Talk to your teammates.
  • Respect everyone on the ice.


Respect is Important in Preventing Concussions

Respect everyone on the ice. If you respect the rules, the officials and their decisions, the players you play against and you maintain your self-control and practice respect at all times, this will help reduce concussions.

Check out, download the app and play safe.

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Did you Know…

…officials don’t make the hockey rules, they only apply them?

…although you may not cheer for the opposing team you also should not cheer against them or verbally abuse them?

…getting angry and taking it out on your opponent is not part of the game?

…your stick is not a weapon to be used to hurt someone?