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Doug Lowther has spent more than 30 years as a coach, and half of it has been introducing young players to the game through a Just Try It program or the First Shift.
Loving and learning the game
As the son of Indian immigrants, hockey wasn’t the first sport Bobby Sahni played. But it’s the one he’s always loved.
Tom talks safety in our game
The CEO and Dr. Mark Aubry, CMO of Hockey Canada, discuss our role as a world leader in concussion awareness.
CPO1 Line Laurendeau has two loves in life – hockey and the Canadian Forces – and years of dedication to both have played a major role in shaping the person she is.
With a calming influence and ability to connect, Bob Agnew has spent 30+ years as a hockey ambassador in Morden.
The special needs hockey program in Sydney, N.S., helps kids build social confidence and improve their on-ice skills.
Girls were choosing to leave the game, until Shellany Brewer stepped in and helped create the Central Female Hockey Association in and around Fredericton, New Brunwick.
Tom talks women’s hockey
The CEO and women’s teams director Gina Kingsbury discuss the evolution of the game and impacts to the national team.
A desire to grow women’s hockey in B.C. led to the founding of the Capital Region Female Minor Hockey Association.
The historic debut victory for the Nunavut male hockey team at the Canada Winter Games is giving young players in the northern territory a dream of their own to pursue.
HC Ambassador: Roy Sakaki
Roy Sakaki loves the game as much as anyone, and the City of Salmon Arm wouldn’t be the same without its ‘Mr. Hockey.’
Tom talks coaching
As part of National Coaches Week, the CEO sits down with Calgary Stampeders head coach Dave Dickenson to talk coaching.
Inspired by a Carey Price speech, 14-year-old Ethan Kowatsch is creating positive change in First Nations communities in Northern Ontario with his annual equipment drive.
Tom talks half-ice benefits
The CEO and Jason deVos from Canada Soccer discuss the benefits of small-area games to the development of athletes.
After a fire devastated the Barho family, Jill Saulnier organized a charity game to support the Syrian refugees.
From floorball and MMA to skating, shooting and scoring, elementary and junior high school students got the full experience at the inaugural Strathmore Hockey Summit.
Sticks In for Charity
Motivated by a pick-up road hockey game with family, Laura Stacey created Sticks In for Charity to keep kids active.
The CEO encourages free play this summer, to let children expand their imagination and reset for a new hockey season.
One year after tragedy struck on a Saskatchewan highway and claimed 16 lives, Hockey Canada is proud to be part of a community that came together to support Humboldt.
The CEO has tips for parents on what topics should be included in a year-end conversation with their young athlete.
Keeping the rink a destination for everyone and celebrating events that have done so are the February focus for the CEO.
The northern B.C. municipality of Fort St. James and the Nak’azdli Whut’en First Nation are celebrating the revitalization of an outdoor rink with a new hockey tradition.
The CEO highlights the golden moment by Canada’s U18 women and the support for the IIHF World Junior Championship.
The CEO talks about the importance of the tournament not just to British Columbia, but to every corner of the country.
The CEO talks about the importance of the officials, their role in ensuring hockey is a safe and fun experience, and why officiating is a great way to stay engaged.
A new season with Tom’s Talks
The CEO shares his thoughts on the importance of small-area hockey, and talks about continuing to grow the women’s game.
Women’s game with Tom’s Talks
On the back of World Girls’ Hockey Weekend, the CEO talks about the importance of the women’s game and its role models.
From multiple roles with the Chilliwack Chiefs, to her executive positions with the Chilliwack MHA and Chilliwack FC, Andrea Laycock is everywhere in the Fraser Valley.
Staying #HumboldtStrong
One month after the tragic bus crash in Saskatchewan, CEO Tom Renney remains in awe of the efforts of the hockey world.
HC Ambassador: Sharon Oldford
After seeing para hockey close to home in Yellowknife, Sharon Oldford has become a champion of the sport in the North.
For the last 50 years, Peewee players from rural P.E.I. and Hamilton, Ont., have come together for the Goodwill Games, using hockey to build life-long friendships.
Grow the game with Tom’s Talks
The CEO answers questions from the hockey community, talking Initiation and the continued growth of Canadian hockey.
HC Ambassador: Ava Foote
An accident left her young hockey career in doubt, but the eight-year-old Nova Scotian never took no for an answer.
For five years, Top Corner has allowed young Canadians the chance to get on the ice in Saint John, N.B., improving their lives and making the community stronger.  
Getting back in the game
After a battle with cancer, 13-year-old Alex Luey is on the ice again and learning from some of Canada’s para hockey best.
Time commitment with Tom’s Talks
The CEO hears about how time-consuming hockey can be. But it’s time well spent – used to benefit Canadian families.
Born with a congenital malformation in his knees, 11-year-old Justin Charest persevered through physio and surgeries to make his dream of playing hockey a reality.
Olympic spirit with Tom’s Talks
The CEO shares his experience with the Games and why Canadians can expect amazing stories from all of our athletes.
HC Ambassador: Paul Rutherford
More than 50 years after he first pulled on the stripes, the long-time official has become a Saskatchewan hockey staple.
A 2017 inductee into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame, the Alberta native has used music to promote a love for Canada’s game while giving back to the community.
Sharing the love of the game
Teachers are using hockey as a lesson in Canadiana, and providing new experiences for their multicultural students.

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Canada's hockey community is populated by some of the best people in the world. Whether it's tireless volunteers helping kids enjoy the game or a players battling through adversity to play the game they love, these are the stories that make our game great. 

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HCC: Getting the all-star treatment
HCC: Getting the all-star treatment
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HCC: Welcome to Canada’s game
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