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Coaching Drills

Sledge Hockey Coaching Drills – October 2009

The following drills are used by the national sledge hockey team’s coaching staff and are some of their favourites. The drills and key teaching points are explained below. Keep an eye on this section of the website as more sledge hockey drills will be added in the future.


Saskatoon 2 on 1

-Continuous 2 on 1 drill
-F1 or F2 dumps puck in, D1 retrieves puck
-D1 breaks F1 and F2 out, they pass to D2 and go in 2 on 1 on D1
-Repeat at opposite end with F3/F4/D2

Key teaching points:

-Passing in motion for forwards and defensemen, specifically: breakout passes, neutral zone transition passes.
-Skating emphasized: controlled skating – timing - supporting the puck carrier on breakout and transition passes.
-Goaltenders active on dump ins.
-Encourages offensive skill and creativity.
-Defensemen in sledge hockey play the 2 on 1 differently and this is a great way to teach that. Defending the 2 on 1 is very difficult in sledge hockey – coaches must provide specific instruction for defensemen.
-Transition from defense to offense is very important – should be practiced regularly.


Stampede Drill

-Player 1 and 2 start on “Go” from coach.
-Each player skates around the offside dot, and the coach makes the pass to either 1 or 2.
-Player who receives puck attacks to score, defending player protects blue line.

Key teaching points:

-This is a competitive drill – make it fun.
-Players have to react quickly to pass from coach and assume either attacking or defending position.
-Teaches open ice angling, an important and hugely important skill in sledge hockey.
-Encourages offensive 1 on 1 creativity.


Swamp Drill

-Continuous 2 on 2 drill below the goal line.
-Coach continues to feed puck for continuous play.
-Have players close to the action so they can act as “boards” and put loose pucks back into the drill.

Key teaching points:

-This is a competitive drill which is a lot of fun.
-Encourages small space battling along the boards – quickness and communication important, emphasizes need to be aware of where teammate is and to work together.
-Intensity important - 20-30 second shifts are good if intensity level is high.
-Scoring and defending emphasized – quick shots.
-Goaltenders active with this drill.