It will take a team effort to #EndBullying.

That's why we created The Code.

THE CODE - Jordan Eberle kids

Imagine if the best things about sport – ethics, honour, teamwork and sportsmanship – carried over to the online world as well.

As part of our shared commitment to #EndBullying, Hockey Canada and TELUS have teamed up to help make it happen.

It's why we've created The Code – a program designed specifically for the hockey community.

There are three parts to The Code:

  • The Code
  • The Code
  • The Code
    for parents & youth

An extension of the TELUS Wise program, The Code offers free customized educational tools, resources and workshops to help hockey fans, players and families navigate digital spaces safely and respectfully.

We're teaming up to #EndBullying.

The Code is also a pledge that every player, fan, coach, parent, official, volunteer or administrator can make to be a good digital citizen and a great teammate.