World Girls Hockey Weekend

Event Ideas

Types of Events Communities Can Host (for example)


  • Bring a friend to practice
  • Play games during practice
  • Esso Fun Days (intro to hockey sponsored by Hockey Canada)
  • Free skate, ice rental
  • Skills camp/session


  • Off-ice training session
  • Multi-sport practice
  • Training like the pros
  • Off-ice testing sessions
  • Floorball game(s)


Education & Celebration

  • Host/Taking a coaching clinic
  • Host/Taking an officiating workshop
  • Teachers including female hockey in lesson plan
  • Team party
  • Group activities or female hockey quiz/games



Pond to Podium: Grassroots to gold medal
The gold medallists met minor hockey players across the country.
2021 WGIHW: Canadians celebrate women’s hockey
See how Canadians celebrated World Girls' Ice Hockey Weekend in 2021.
GTG: Global Girls’ Game in St. John’s
40 players gathered for hockey, culture and empowerment.
2019 WGIHW: Canadians celebrate women’s hockey
The women’s game was in the spotlight Oct. 4-6 during the ninth annual World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend.