World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend will celebrate the female game from coast to coast to coast – and beyond – Oct. 4-6. Will you join the party? Get your event registered now!
Early-bird packages are available for Canada’s National Midget Championship. Fans can see all 19 games for just $65.
Tom talks half-ice benefits
The CEO and Jason deVos from Canada Soccer discuss the benefits of small-area games to the development of athletes.
Bob Caldwell will be sharing the on-ice skills and teaching philosophies he has attained in 40+ years as a coach in Manitoba with Initiation players this season.
Canadian hockey parents say half-ice Novice games promote skill development, self-confidence, teamwork and fun.
Allie Munroe says work ethic and determination earned her a spot at the BFL National Women's Team Fall Festival.
Ever wonder what a Hockey Canada Skills Academy is and how it helps the development of student-athletes? Listen to HCSA administrators explain how they grow the game!
The start of a new hockey season means tryouts, and an important time for not only players, but coaches and parents as well.
If a new player has fun, develops skills and builds confidence, there is a better chance they will enjoy hockey for life.
One of the most decorated players in U SPORTS, and arguably the best, there is no bigger cheerleader for Canadian women’s university hockey than Alex Poznikoff.
2019 NPT Camp: WHT 5 – JPN 0 (Game 5)
Dunn lit the lamp three times to net White a victory over Japan.
2019 NPT Camp: RED 5 – JPN 0 (Game 4)
Sorley and Culmone netted two goals apiece to lead Red to the victory.
2019 NPT Camp: RED 1 – WHT 0 (Game 3)
Culmone scored and Larocque made 14 saves to help Red blank White.
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