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In a league of their own

Hockey Canada’s national women’s team programs were well represented at the 2016 CWHL Draft

Wendy Graves
August 24, 2016

It started with the first pick, continued with the second, then the third, fourth and fifth.

It picked up again with the seventh-overall selection through to the 10th.

When it was all over, 13 alumnae of either Canada’s National Women’s Under-18 Team or Canada’s National Women’s Development Team – or in some cases both – had been chosen in the 2016 CWHL Draft. Nine of the top 10 picks have played for Canada at least once.

This includes Erin Ambrose, who has made 11 appearances for the two teams, starting with a three-game summer series versus the United States in 2011 when she cracked the under-18 roster as a 15-year-old. Her name is now all over the U18 record books: most games played (24), most assists (21) and most points by a defenceman (25). In 2012, she captained Canada to gold at the IIHF U18 Women’s World Championship.

Three other draftees have also worn letters for Canada, all with the development team: Sarah Lefort (captain), and Shannon MacAulay and Cassandra Poudrier (alternate captains).

Laura Stacey has worn Canadian colours 10 times and been a member of four gold-medal-winning teams.

All told, two players have won U18 gold (Emerance Maschmeyer and Taylor Woods), two have won gold with the development team (Renata Fast and Katelyn Gosling) and five have won gold with both teams (Ambrose, Lefort, MacAulay, Poudrier and Stacey). Combined, they’ve brought home 22 gold medals.

National Women’s Under-18 Team and National Women’s Development Team alumnae selected in the 2016 CWHL Draft included:

1st Round
1. Boston – Kayla Tutino
WU18: 2009 – 3GP 0G 0A 0P

2. Toronto – Renata Fast
NWDT: 2014-15 – 12GP 2G 3A 5P

3. Brampton – Laura Stacey
WU18: 2010-12 – 16 GP 10G 10A 20P
NWDT: 2012-16 – 25 GP 3G 4A 7P

4. Calgary – Emerance Maschmeyer
WU18: 2011-12 – 7GP; 4-1-0; 1.10 GAA
NWDT: 2012, 2014-15 – 7GP; 1-4-0; 2.45 GAA

5. Montreal – Sarah Lefort
WU18: 2012 – 5GP 3G 3A 6P
NWDT: 2012-15 – 18GP 6G 5A 11P

2nd Round
7. Toronto – Erin Ambrose
WU18: 2009-12 – 24GP 4G 21A 25P
NWDT: 2012-16 – 19GP 0G 3A 3P

8. Brampton – Shannon MacAulay
WU18: 2011-12 – 8GP 0G 3A 3P
NWDT: 2014-16 – 18GP 2G 8A 10P

9. Calgary – Katelyn Gosling
NWDT: 2015-16 – 9GP 1G 1A 2P

10. Montreal – Cassandra Poudrier
WU18: 2008-10 – 13GP 0G 5A 5P
NWDT: 2012-13, 2015-16 – 26GP 3G 6A 9P

4th Round
20. Montreal – Brittney Fouracres
NWDT: 2014 – 3GP 0G 0A 0P

5th Round
23. Brampton – Taylor Woods
WU18: 2011-12 – 8GP 3G 3A 6P

7th Round
31. Boston – Alexis Woloschuk
WU18: 2010 – 3GP 0P 0A 0P

8th Round
40. Montreal – Amanda Makela
WU18: 2010-11 – 4GP; 2-1-0; 1.69 GAA

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