World Championship History
October 30, 2002

For the purpose of clarity, the first World Championship was held in 1930, as reported in the CHA’s news release on . However, the Olympic Ice Hockey Tournaments between 19 are also recognized by the IIHF as World Championships. As an additional footnote, the IIHF also staged European Championships between 19.

The following information has been taken from the IIHF website.

IIHF World Championships/Championnats mondiaux de l’IIHF
Year Gold Silver Bronze Venue
Année Or Argent Bronze Site
European Championship/Championnat européen
1910 Great Britain Germany Belgium Les Avants
1911 Bohemia Germany Belgium Berlin
1912 Cancelled/Annulé
1913 Belgium Bohemia Germany Munich
1914 Bohemia Germany Belgium Berlin
World Championships/Championnats mondiaux
1920 Canada USA Czechoslovakia Antwerp (Olympics)
1924 Canada USA Great Britain Chamonix (Olympics)
1928 Canada Sweden Switzerland St. Moritz (Olympics)
1930 Canada Germany Switzerland Chamonix/Berlin
1931 Canada USA Austria Krynica
1932 Canada USA Germany Lake Placid (Olympics)
1934 Canada USA Germany Milan
1935 Canada Switzerland Great Britain Davos
1936 Great Britain Canada USA Garmisch-Part. (Olympics)
1937 Canada Great Britain Switzerland London
1938 Canada Great Britain Czechoslovakia Prague
1939 Canada USA Switzerland Zurich/Basle
1940-1946 No championships/Aucun championnat
1947 Czechoslovakia Sweden Austria Prague
1948 Canada Czechoslovakia Switzerland St. Moritz (Olympics)
1949 Czechoslovakia Canada USA Stockholm
1950 Canada USA Switzerland London
1951 Canada Sweden Switzerland Paris
1952 Canada USA Sweden Oslo (Olympics)
1953 Sweden FR Germany Switzerland Zurich/Basle
1954 Soviet Union Canada Sweden Stockholm
1955 Canada Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Krefeld/Dortmund/Cologne
1956 Soviet Union USA Canada Cortina (Olympics)
1957 Sweden Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Moscow
1958 Canada Soviet Union Sweden Oslo
1959 Canada Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Prague/Bratislava
1960 USA Canada Soviet Union Squaw Valley (Olympics)
1961 Canada Czechoslovakia Soviet Union Geneva/Lausanne
1962 Sweden Canada USA Colorado Springs/Denver
1963 Soviet Union Sweden Czechoslovakia Stockholm
1964 Soviet Union Sweden Czechoslovakia Innsbruck (Olympics)
1965 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Sweden Tampere
1966 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Canada Ljubljana
1967 Soviet Union Sweden Canada Vienna
1968 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Canada Grenoble (Olympics)
1969 Soviet Union Sweden Czechoslovakia Stockholm
1970 Soviet Union Sweden Czechoslovakia Stockholm
1971 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Sweden Berne/Geneva
1972 Czechoslovakia Soviet Union Sweden Prague
1973 Soviet Union Sweden Czechoslovakia Moscow
1974 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Sweden Helsinki
1975 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Sweden Munich/Dusseldorf
1976 Czechoslovakia Soviet Union Sweden Katowice
1977 Czechoslovakia Sweden Soviet Union Vienna
1978 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Canada Prague
1979 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Sweden Moscow
1981 Soviet Union Sweden Czechoslovakia Gothenburg/Stockholm
1982 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Canada Helsinki/Tampere
1983 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Canada Dusserldorf/Dortmund/Munich
1985 Czechoslovakia Canada Soviet Union Prague
1986 Soviet Union Sweden Canada Moscow
1987 Sweden Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Vienna
1989 Soviet Union Canada Czechoslovakia Stockholm/Sodertalje
1990 Soviet Union Sweden Czechoslovakia Berne/Fribourg
1991 Sweden Canada Soviet Union Turku/Helsinki/Tampere
1992 Sweden Finland Czechoslovakia Prague/Bratislava
1993 Russia Sweden Czech Republic Dortmund/Munich
1994 Canada Finland Sweden Bolzano/Canazei/Milano
1995 Finland Sweden Canada Stockholm/Gavle
1996 Czech Republic Canada USA Vienna
1997 Canada Sweden Czech Republic Helsinki/Turku/Tampere
1998 Sweden Finland Czech Republic Zurich/Basle
1999 Czech Republic Finland Sweden Oslo/Lillehammer/Hamar
2000 Czech Republic Slovakia Finland St. Petersburg
2001 Czech Republic Finland Sweden Cologne/Hanover/Nurnberg
2002 Slovakia Russia Sweden Goteborg/Karlstad/Jonkoping


1. The tournaments between 19 were European Championships.

2. All Olympic Ice Hockey Tournaments between 19 also counted as World Championships.

3. In the Olympic years 1980, 19, no IIHF World Championships were staged.

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2019 MWC: CAN 3 – SUI 2 OT (Quarter-final)
Severson tied it late and Stone scored in OT to give Canada the win.
2019 MWC: CAN 3 – USA 0 (Preliminary)
Murray stopped 28 shots to backstop Canada to top spot in Group A.
2019 MWC: CAN 5 – DEN 0 (Preliminary)
Reinhart scored 2G and Marchessault had 1G 1A in another Canadian win.
2019 NJAC: BRO 4 – PG 3 (Championship)
Boyko scored twice to lead the Bandits to their second national title.