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Adam Douglas, Hockey Canada’s lead strength and conditioning coach, is sharing tips and tricks to help players stay active at home and start preparations for next season.
Looking for fun activities to keep the kids learning at home? Every Monday, check out new Grade 4-6 lesson plans.
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Settle in for Storytime!
Stories bring the game to life. Check out a new children's book every week with special guests doing the reading.
Get updates from across the country as Hockey Canada and its Members, with guidance from local health authorities, from work towards a safe and appropriate return.
Seventeen women have been celebrated as BFL Female Coach of the Year winners, including two national recipients.
With her annual ball hockey tournament cancelled, Laura Stacey shifted her focus to providing life-saving equipment.
Inspired by members of Canada’s National Women’s Team, past and present, the Hockey Canada family made sure to #JoinTheMovement on May 1 in support of Nova Scotia.
HC Ambassador: S. Piller
From a simple first step – find a team for his daughter – Shaun Piller has built an entire girls’ hockey program.
From league-leading numbers to international success, Devon Levi did it all well to earn CJHL Player of the Year.
Bill Nicholson has been the face of the Timbits program with the Port Arthur MHA for 15 years, helping more than 2,000 kids enjoy their first strides in the game.
Dreams come true in N.W.T.
The Hockey Canada Foundation paid a visit to Yellowknife, getting 30 young players on the ice and in the game.
It has been 100 years since the Winnipeg Falcons completed their epic journey to the first Olympic hockey gold.
Canadian hockey parents familiar with half-ice U9 games are fully behind the initiative because it promotes skill development, self-confidence, teamwork and fun.
GTG: Global Girls’ Game in St. John’s
40 players gathered for hockey, culture and empowerment.
2019-20 NWT - USA 3 - CAN 1 (Game 4)
Larocque scored, but Canada dropped the final Canadian stop.
2019-20 NWT - CAN 3 – USA 2 OT (Game 3)
Bach was the extra-time hero to get Canada its first victory.
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