Top 10 Canada - Russia Games


It’s been 53 years since Canada and the Soviet Union first met in an international competition – at the 1954 IIHF World Championship in Stockholm, Sweden.

Since then the two hockey powers have met in a number of settings, in a number of tournaments. Some games are forgettable – a 9-0 USSR win at the 1974 IIHF World Junior Championship, or an 11-1 USSR win at the 1978 IIHF World Championship come to mind – but some have left an indelible mark on international hockey, and have earned a place in the culture of hockey in both countries.

In the days ahead, leading up to the start of the Canada/Russia Super Series, is counting down the Top 10 Canada vs. Russia games of all-time.

Where will your favourite rank? Be sure to check back every day as we inch closer and closer to the reveal of the #1 Canada vs. Russia game ever on August 26th, the day before the Super Series begins!.


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