Vancouver 2010 Evaluation

Topic Area 3:
Vancouver 2010 Evaluation

Evaluating the 2010 Olympic men’s ice hockey tournament, helping hockey to benefit long-term from the unprecedented success by sustaining the positives while developing other areas

  • Television, Commercial and PR impact of Vancouver 2010
  • The financial breakdown of Olympic hockey; where does the money come from and where does it go?
  • NHL-players' participation – impact, consequences and costs
  • Rink Comparison; IIHF vs. NHL size – where to go in the future? Is big rink better for skill development while small rink enhances the show?

Managing the game:

  • Does hockey need a common rulebook?
  • Should the IIHF and NHL agree on a common rule emphasis?
  • Opportunities for European referees to work in the NHL and NHL referees work in the World Championships?

René Fasel | IIHF
Vancouver 2010 Evaluation - pdf
Everything that could have gone right in Vancouver did. What can we learn from the 2010 Olympics and how can we carry it forward to 2014 and beyond?
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