2007-Super-Series IIHF World Junior Championship

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Tuesday, August 28
Will from Midland, ON asks Karl Alzner:
How has watching tapes of 1972 motivated you, and the rest of Team Canada? Do you think something like that would have the same effect on the Russians ? » answer (mp3)

Wednesday, August 29
Al from Hearst, ON, asks Claude Giroux
With the almost bitter rivalry between Russia and Canada over the years, and the magnitude of this series, has preparing in a strange country been difficult and distracting in getting ready for the first game? » answer (mp3)

Thursday, August 30
Pat from Sault Ste. Marie, ON asks Josh Godfrey:
You're one of a number of players playing against players who could be future teammates (Semen Varlamov, in your case). Does that provide any additional motivation? » answer (mp3)

Friday, August 31
Kimberly from Calgary, AB asks Leland Irving:
Since you were at the 2007 World Junior Hockey Championships at the beginning of the year, do you think you have more of an understanding of the Under-20 international game than the other goalies on Team Canada? » answer (mp3)

Saturday, September 1
Bruce from Calgary, AB asks David Perron:
What was your motivation to get to the next level when you were playing Midget B in Sherbrooke in 2004-05? » answer (mp3)

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