2001 IIHF World Junior Championship

Canada 2 United States 1

Round Robin
January 2, 2001
Moscow, RUS

Canada edges USA 2-1

Talk about feeling great, but feeling lousy at the same time. First the great part: How was that for an effort? I'm so proud of the way this team continues to develop. We were focused, our big players came up big and everyone bought into the plan defensively as well.

Max made some great saves for us, Steve McCarthy showed the kind of grit and determination that we all expected from him as our leader and, as a team, we just kept chipping away offensively until it clicked. I'm glad for Jamie Lundmark. There was a lot of pressure put on him to produce heading into this tournament. We thought he had the talent to be one of our primary 'go to' guys; and it turns out we were right. It's funny, but I talked to Jamie earlier in the day and told him that I had a feeling he was going to come up with a big game. (Hey, if coaching falls through maybe there's a future as a palm reader or a fortune teller out there for me.)

Jamie Lundmark scored the winner late in the third period on a power play. It was Canada's seventh power play of the game. Steve Ott also scored for Canada.

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