Championnat mondial junior 2001 de l'IIHF

Team Canada Update: Jan. 1, 2001

Canada's National Junior Team had an off day on Monday, as it prepares for the beginning of the medal round on Tuesday, January 2nd. Canada will face the US at 6:30, local time in a new venue, the home arena of the Soviet Wings.

On Monday, the players and staff stopped in to get a feel for this rink, which is an older rink but seems rich in atmosphere. All agreed that if there is a good crowd on Tuesday, the place will be rocking. The team returned to Luznicki Minor Sports Centre for a lively 1 and a half hour practice. Players seem really excited about the upcoming round. Canadian media was all on hand for this one. Canadians have no idea how strange it is to be in a foreign country and that the majority of the working media comes from Canada.

The players had a quiet evening. Some watched a movie, others played cards, watched Russian television, or just sat around talking, or phoning home. It all begins again tomorrow with the opening of the medal round, what the entire team has been looking forward to since the naming of the team on December 18th, 2000.

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