Canada's Women's Olympic Q & A
February 8, 2006

Question: for Cassie, Vicky, Hayley and Danielle.

First of all it has been a pleasure to watch you women year after year since Nagano, Vicki Scarborough is behind you all the way.

What I would like to ask is, with the three of you considered veterans on the team and true team leaders. What is the feeling like to have the younger women who make the team each year tell you that they idolized you or looked up to you as they were growing up? And how do you calm the younger women in big games that I am sure is stressful on everyone like in Salt Lake in the gold medal game with the tons of unfair penalties we got called for? Bring it home for us again!!!

John Deller,

Scarborough Ontario


Hi John,

Thanks for your email! We think it is a great compliment when the rookies tell us they grew up watching us on TV. It shows that our game has come a long way because we really only had males to look up to!

We think it is important to not only tell teammates to relax in big games but to also be calm ourselves. If the young ones see us being relaxed, focused and confident they will feel the same.  We always stress the importance of being together as a team. If we believe in ourselves and trust each other, we will be fine, big game or not.

Thank you for your support, we will do our best!

Take care,

Danielle & Vicky

Question :

First of all I would like to wish the whole team luck in Torino, i know you guys will do awesome! Cassie I would just like to know what is the best part of being Captain of such an amazing team? Also you are a big inspirtation to me and thankyou, Bring home the gold.

Answer :

Hi Melissa,

Thanks so much for the question you asked. I am also excited that you are from Brampton my home town. Being captain on this team is quite easy. We have so many great leaders that my job is not hard to do. I think almost every player is an asst. captain or captain on their club team and everyone brings leadership to the table. My job is simple...just work hard and have some fun and hopefully all the other girls will do the same. It was a great honor to be the captain in 2002 Olympics, and even more of an honor this time around.

Y ou see, Vicky Sunohara and Hayley Wickenheiser who are the asst. captain's could easily be captain's as well. We have a great leadership team, and we are hoping to bring back the gold this time around.
Thanks again, and I hope you will watch the games on television.

Cassie Campbell

Question :

How much of a challenge will it be for the Canadian Women's Olympic Team to remain focused throughout the Olympic Hockey Tournament from all the distractions, media and ongoing events that will be occurring at the Olympic Games?

Answer :

To remain focused at the Olympics is always a big challenge because there is so much going on. We talk a lot about different distractions that we could face as a team, and how we will deal with them if and when they happen. The reality is that there are many things that do and can happen at the Olympics that are our out of our control, but if you are prepared and in the right frame of mind, that makes all the difference. I think we are prepared as a group for anything that may come our way, and we are here to do a job.

Hayley Wickenheiser

Hello everyone, on behalf of all the players and staff of Canada’s Women’s Olympic Team we want you to know that we greatly appreciate all the support we have received across Canada and around the world this year as we have been preparing for the Olympics in February.

We would love to share our Olympic experience with all of you and will be answering some of your questions each week as well as posting pictures from Italy on the website. There will be a trivia section to test your Team Canada and Olympic knowledge with an opportunity to win some great prizes from Hockey Canada.

Thank you for cheering us on and we look forward to your questions while in Torino!!


Canada’s Women’s Olympic Team

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2018 PARA: CAN 8 – NOR 0 (Preliminary)
Armstrong and Bridges scored 2G apiece to send Canada to the SFs.
2018 PARA: CAN 10 – ITA 0 (Preliminary)
Delaney had a hat trick and an assist to help Canada shut out Italy.
2018 PARA: CAN 17 – SWE 0 (Preliminary)
McGregor and Dixon had six points each in a Paralympic-opening win.
2018 OLY: CAN 6 – CZE 4 (Bronze Medal)
Ebbett and Kelly scored two goals each to help Canada win bronze.