2005 Esso Women's Nationals

Prince Edward Island - 2 Manitoba - 3

Round Robin
March 10, 2005
Sarnia, ON

The game played on rink number #2 at the Sarnia  Sports and Entertainment Center was as entertaining as one would expect when women’s hockey at this level is played.

The ladies from P.E.I came out strong in the first period and displayed a strong fore check that momentarily set the Manitoba squad back on there heels. Manitoba’s starting goalie Sherry Beard was forced to make some solid saves early and that set the stage for what was to be goalies battle all night long.

Referee Crystal Thiesen called 7 minor penalties in the first period which allowed both teams to display their skills on the power play and on defense as both clubs went end to end throughout the period creating and countering numerous chances at both ends of the ice.  The Island’s Robyn Macdonald gave her team the lead on a powerplay goal at the 1:02 mark when she beat Beard off a pass from M.J Webster.

The 2nd period saw the ladies put on a fine display of team skills as both worked the puck extremely well.  P.E.I took the scoring lead at the 15.28 when Mary McKinnon rushed the puck down the left side and then worked it of a bounce to the front of the net where Anne Shaw had positioned herself perfectly to bury the puck.  The Manitoba girls never showed any sign of giving up as the turned up their passing game and got broke the ice on a power play goal at the 14:05 mark when Sharla Cowlings shot from the point deflected to the stick of teammate Faith Macdonald who beat P.E.I netminder Amy Handrahan to make it 2-1.

Moments later Manitoba tied the game on a smart thruway passing play with Jocelyn Collins finding the mark from Ashley Van Aggelen and Shelly Cockerill.

The third period started with Manitoba on the power play but they failed to capitalize and it wasn’t until 4:15 that Shelly Cockerel decided the games out come in Manitoba’s favor when she buried the puck of f a pass from Trish Faurschou and Sharla Cowling her 2nd assist of the night.

Player of the game awards went to number 14 from Manitoba Lauren Macmillin and to P.E.I’s number 5 Kayla Coady.

Box Score PEI 1 1 0 2
Compte MB 0 2 1 3

First Period/Première période

PEI 1, MacDonald, (1) (Webster), 18:58 (PP)

PEI 1 - Wagner, 4:17 - Bodychecking, 2min (PP)
PEI 1 - Clark, 5:58 - Bodychecking, 2min (PP)
PEI 1 - Sabean, 13:20 - Bodychecking, 2min (PP)
MB 1 - MacMillan, 6:42 - Interference, 2min (PP)
MB 1 - Durham, 9:58 - Tripping, 2min (PP)
MB 1 - Mulvihill, 17:48 - Interference, 2min (PP)

Second Period/Deuxième période

PEI 2, Shaw, (1) (McKinnon), 04:32
2, McDonald, (3) (Cowling), 05:55
2, Collins, (1) (Aggelen, Cockerill), 06:31

2 - Arsenault, 5:20 - Bodychecking, 2min (PP)
2 - Shaw, 20:00 - Charging, 2min (PP)
2 - Cowling, 0:57 - Hooking, 2min (PP)
2 - Chin, 11:06 - Boarding, 2min (PP

Third Period/Troisième période

3, Cockerill, (2) (Faurschou, MacMillan), 15:45

3 - Cowling, 19:12 - Elbowing, 2min (PP)

Goaltenders PEI Amy Handrahan
Gardiennes de but MB Sherry Beard

Shots on Goal Team

1 p

2 p

3 p


Shots on Goal PEI





Tirs au but MB





Referee/Arbitre Crystal Thiessen
Linesmen/Juges des lignes Jennifer Konicek, Kristen Doucette

Attendance/Assistance -
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