2005 Esso Women's Nationals

British Columbia - 6 Alberta - 0

Round Robin
March 10, 2005
Sarnia, ON

by Pat Brethauer

Both teams were 0 for 2 coming into this game.  At the end of the first period BC  found themselves up by 2 goals.  On the first goal Alberta had taken a  penalty which BC capitalized on.   The power play goal was scored by Melissa Anderson from Angela VanEerd and Tamara Pickford.  Alberta would take 2 more penalties giving team BC shorthanded opportunities.  At one point the BC team had a 5 on 3 opportunity but Alberta was able to shut them down not allowing any goals on the penalties.  With 5:11 on the clock Amanda Asay  took a shot at goal keeper Tasha Sherbanuk which she struggled for control as the puck popped out of her glove into the net giving BC the 2 – 0 lead.  Laura Lebrun and Alycia Matthews were credited with the assist on the goal.

In the second period BC doubled their score to take a 4 – 0 lead.  Taking a pass from Angela VanEerd at the blue line Melissa Anderson went in alone at the goalie and waited for the right moment to let the shot go to score her second goal of the game.  The second goal of the period was a classic power play goal that  was scored as the girls passed the puck around drawing the goalie to the right allowing Courtney Unruh to poke it into the left corner.  Assisting on the powerplay goal were Melissa Anderson and Kobi Kawamoto.

The action continued in the third period as BC added another goal to the scoreboard just minutes into the period.  Scoring goal #5 was Savannah Smith from Melissa Anderson and Amanda Asay.   With total confidence BC 6th goal was scored by Angela Van Eerd from Laura Lebrun.   The clock ticked off  ending the game with a  final score of 6 – 0 for BC giving them their first win of the tournament. Ashley Mayr of BC earned the shutout for BC.

Players of the Game  were awarded to #31 Tasha Sherbanuk who made many key saves in the game for Alberta and for BC Melissa Anderson earned the award by scoring 2 goals and 2 assists.

Box Score BC 2 2 2 6
Compte AB 0 0 0 0

First Period/Première période

BC 1, Anderson, (2) (Van Eerd, Pickford), 04:10 (AN)
BC 1, Asay, (1) (Lebrun, Matthews), 14:49

BC 1 - Asay, 5:46 - Mise en échec corporelle, 2min (AN)
AB 1 - Slivinski, 3:41 - Bâton élevé, 2min (AN)
AB 1 - Juszkiewicz, 7:58 - Accrocher, 2min (AN)
AB 1 - Slivinski, 9:19 - Mise en échec corporelle, 2min (AN)

Second Period/Deuxième période

BC 2, Anderson, (3) (Van Eerd), 14:12
BC 2, Unruh, (1) (Anderson, Kawamoto), 17:35 (AN)

BC 2 - Beaudoin, 9:50 - Faire trébucher, 2min (AN)
BC 2 - Van Eerd, 14:22 - Mise en échec corporelle, 2min (AN)
BC 2 - Staszewski, 18:37 - Bâton élevé, 2min (AN)
AB 2 - Pelland, 5:10 - Rudesse, 2min (AN)
AB 2 - Ricioppo, 17:12 - Bâton élevé, 2min (AN)

Third Period/Troisième période

BC 3, Smith, (1) (Anderson, Asay), 02:51
BC 3, Van Eerd, (1) (Lebrun), 09:27

BC 3 - Thompson, 10:20 - Mise en échec corporelle, 2min (AN)
BC 3 - Anderson, 16:19 - Faire trébucher, 2min (AN)
AB 3 - Gartner, 17:03 - Mise en échec corporelle, 2min

Goaltenders BC Ashley Mayr
Gardiennes de but AB Tasha Sherbanuk

Shots on Goal Team

1 p

2 p

3 p


Shots on Goal BC





Tirs au but AB





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Linesmen/Juges des lignes -

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