2013 IIHF Ice Hockey Women's World Championship

Germany 0 - Russia 4

THE MOMENT: Germany @ Russia – Tuesday, April 2

by Lia Codrington

NEPEAN Ont. – After Russia scored its first goal almost 15 minutes into the first period, the scoreboard went quiet.

The Russian team played a puck possession game, cycling the puck through the German end, but was unable to penetrate the German’s tight defensive unit. The intensity started to pick up at 7:48 into the third period, when a delayed cross-checking penalty to German defenceman Daria Gleisnner brought a chorus of shouts from coaches and fans alike. The game became more physical as the clock ticked down.

Lyudmila Belyakova’s shot from the goal line on Herrer’s right side snuck between the goalie and the post short side to find the back of the net. After the puck crossed the line, the Russian fans erupted with chants of “ROSS-EE-YA” and the players collided in a bear hug in front of their bench.

The relief was clear in their celebration. Belyakova’s goal, Russia’s second of the game, started the puck sliding for the Russian offense.

Once the ice behind the German goalie was broken, the Russians started throwing pucks into the net for a final score of 4-0.

It took them two periods to pinpoint the holes in Germany’s defense, but in the end, the Russians got the result their stellar play deserved.

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