From Paul Henderson to Shane Doan, from 1972 to 2016, from the Summit Series to the World Cup, Canada has often been on top of the best-on-best tournaments that have dotted the history of international hockey.

All-time Results
Year Event Gold Silver Bronze CAN Location
2016 World Cup CAN EUR RUS/SWE 1 st Toronto, Ont. CAN
2004 World Cup CAN FIN CZE/FIN 1st North America/Europe
1996 World Cup USA CAN SWE 2nd North America/Europe
1991 Canada Cup CAN USA FIN 1st Canada/United States
1987 Canada Cup CAN USSR SWE 1st Canada/United States
1984 Canada Cup CAN SWE USSR 1st Canada/United States
1981 Canada Cup USSR CAN TCH 2nd Canada
1976 Canada Cup CAN TCH SWE 1st Canada/United States
1974 Summit Series (WHA) USSR CAN - 1st Canada/USSR
1972 Summit Series (NHL) CAN USSR - 1st Canada/USSR