Originally represented by club teams, Canada’s entry at the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship has, since 1977, been comprised of NHLers whose teams failed to qualify for postseason play, or were first-round casualties. Canada has been crowned world champion on 25 occasions since 1920, most recently in 2015.
IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship
May 1-17, 2015
Prague/Ostrava, CZE
May 9-25, 2014
Minsk, BLR
May 3-19, 2013
Stockholm, SWE / Helsinki, FIN
May 4-20, 2012
Helsinki, FIN / Stockholm, SWE
April 29 - May 15, 2011
Bratislava/Kosice, SVK


All-time Results
Year Gold Silver Bronze CAN Location
CAN RUS USA 1st Prague/Ostrava, CZE
2014 RUS
FIN SWE 5th Minsk, BLR
2013 SWE SUI USA 5th Stockholm, SWE / Helsinki, FIN
2012 RUS SVK CZE 5th Helsinki, FIN / Stockholm, SWE
2011 FIN SWE CZE 5th Bratislava/Kosice, SVK
2010 CZE RUS SWE 7th Cologne/Mannheim, GER
2009 RUS CAN SWE 2nd Berne/Zurich-Kloten, SUI
2008 RUS CAN FIN 2nd Québec, Que./Halifax, N.S., CAN
2007 CAN FIN RUS 1st Moscow, RUS
2006 SWE CZE FIN 4th Riga, LAT
2005 CZE CAN RUS 2nd Vienna/Innsbruck, AUT
2004 CAN SWE USA 1st Prague/Ostrava, CZE
2003 CAN SWE SVK 1st Helsinki/Turku/Tampere, FIN
2002 SVK RUS SWE 6th Gothenburg/Karlstad/Jonkoping, SWE
2001 CZE FIN SWE 5th Cologne/Hanover/Nurnberg, GER
2000 CZE SVK FIN 4th St. Petersburg, RUS
1999 CZE FIN SWE 4th Oslo, Lillehammer, Hamar, NOR
1998 SWE FIN CZE 6th Zurich/Basle, SUI
1997 CAN SWE CZE 1st Helsinki/Turku/Tampere, FIN
1996 CZE CAN USA 2nd Vienna, AUT
1995 FIN SWE CAN 3rd Stockholm/Gavle, SWE
1994 CAN FIN SWE 1st Bolzano, Canazei, Milan, ITA
1993 RUS SWE CZE 4th Dortmund/Munich, GER
1992 SWE FIN TCH 7th Prague, Bratislava, TCH
1991 SWE CAN USSR 2nd Turku/Helsinki/Tampere, FIN
1990 USSR SWE TCH 4th Berne/Frivourg, SUI
1989 USSR CAN TCH 2nd Stockholm/Sodertalje, SWE
No World Championship (Winter Olympic Games)
1987 SWE USSR TCH 4th Vienna, AUT
1986 USSR SWE CAN 3rd Moscow, USSR
1985 TCH CAN USSR 2nd Prague, TCH
No World Championship (Winter Olympic Games)
1983 USSR TCH CAN 3rd Dusserldorf/Dortmund/Munich, FGR
1982 USSR TCH CAN 3rd Helsinki/Tampere, FIN
1981 USSR SWE TCH 4th Stockholm/Gottenburg, SWE
No World Championship (Winter Olympic Games)
1979 USSR TCH SWE 4th Moscow, USSR
1978 USSR TCH CAN 3rd Prague, TCH
1977 TCH SWE USSR 4th Vienna, AUT
1976 TCH USSR SWE Did not participate Katowice, POL
1975 USSR TCH SWE Did not participate Munich/Dusseldorf, FGR
1974 USSR TCH SWE Did not participate Helsinki, FIN
1973 USSR SWE TCH Did not participate Moscow, USSR
1972 CZE USSR SWE Did not participate Prague, TCH
1971 USSR TCH SWE Did not participate Berne/Geneva, SUI
1970 USSR SWE TCH Did not participate Stockholm, SWE
1969 USSR SWE TCH 4th Stockholm, SWE
1968 USSR TCH CAN 3rd Grenoble, FRA (Winter Olympics)
1967 USSR SWE CAN 3rd Vienna, AUT
1966 USSR TCH CAN 3rd Ljubljana, SLO
1965 USSR TCH SWE 4th Tampere, FIN
1964 USSR SWE TCH 4th Innsbruck, AUT (Winter Olympics)
1963 USSR SWE TCH 4th Stockholm, SWE
1962 SWE CAN USA 2nd Colorado Springs/Denver, CO, USA
1961 CAN TCH USSR 1st Geneva/Lausanne, SUI
1960 USA CAN USSR 2nd Squaw Valley, CA, USA (Winter Olympics)
1959 CAN USSR TCH 1st Prague/Bratislava, TCH
1958 CAN USSR SWE 1st Oslo, NOR
1957 SWE USSR TCH Did not participate Moscow, USSR
1956 USSR USA CAN 3rd Cortina, ITA (Winter Olympics)
1955 CAN USSR TCH 1st Krefeld/Dortmund/Cologne, GER
1954 USSR CAN SWE 2nd Stockholm, SWE
1953 SWE FGR SUI Did not participate Zurich/Basle, SUI
1952 CAN USA SWE 1st Oslo, NOR (Winter Olympics)
1951 CAN SWE SUI 1st Paris, FRA
1950 CAN USA SUI 1st London, GBR
1949 TCH CAN USA 2nd Stockholm, SWE
1948 CAN TCH SUI 1st St. Moritz, SUI
1940-46 No World Championships (World War II)
1939 CAN USA SUI 1st Zurich/Basle, SUI
1938 CAN GBR TCH 1st Prague, TCH
1937 CAN GBR SUI 1st London, GBR
1936 GBR CAN USA 2nd Garmisch-Partenkirchen, GER (Winter Oly.)
1935 CAN SUI GBR 1st Davos, SUI
1934 CAN USA GER 1st Milan, ITA
1933 USA CAN TCH 2nd Prague, TCH
1932 CAN USA GER 1st Lake Placid, NY, USA (Winter Olympics)
1931 CAN USA AUT 1st Krynica, POL
1930 CAN GER SUI 1st Chamonix, FRA/Berlin GER/Vienna, AUT
1928 CAN SWE SUI 1st St. Moritz, SUI (Winter Olympics)
1924 CAN USA GBR 1st Chamonix, FRA (Winter Olympics)
1920 CAN USA TCH 1st Antwerp, BEL (Summer Olympics)

Note: All Olympic Ice Hockey Tournaments between 1920 and 1968 also counted as World Championships.

2017-18 NMT: CAN 3 – SUI 0 (Championship)
Poulin made 36 saves to backstop Canada to the Spengler Cup title.
2017-18 NMT - CAN 5 – MHK 2 (Semifinal)
Noreau had 1G 1A to help Canada reach another Spengler Cup final.
2017-18 NMT - CAN 4 – HCD 1 (Preliminary)
Ebbett had 2G and Poulin made 27 saves to send Canada to the semis.
2017-18 NMT - CAN 5 – MHK 1 (Preliminary)
McIntyre scored the GWG late, and Canada got a Spengler-starting win.