2010 Olympic Winter Games (Men)

Germany Roster - 2010 Olympic Winter Games
P Player Birthdate Club team
P Joueur Naissance Équipe
G Dennis Endras 14.07.1985 Augsburger Panther
G Thomas Greiss 29.01.1986 San Jose Sharks, NHL
G Dimitri Pätzold 03.02.1983 ERC Ingolstadt
D Michael Bakos 02.03.1979 ERC Ingolstdt
D Christian Ehrhoff 06.07.1982 Vancouver Canucks, NHL
D Jakub Ficenec 11.02.1977 ERC Ingolstadt
D Jason Holland 30.04.1976 DEG Metro Stars Düsseldorf
D Korbinian Holzer 16.02.1988 DEG Metro Stars Düsseldorf
D Chris Schmidt 01.03.1976 Adler Mannheim
D Dennis Seidenberg 18.07.1981 Florida Panthers, NHL
D Alexander Sulzer 30.05.1984 Nashville Predators, NHL
F/A Alexander Barta 02.02.1983 Hamburg Freezers
F/A Sven Felski 18.11.1974 Eisbären Berlin
F/A Marcel Goc 24.08.1983 Nashville Predators, NHL
F/A Philip Gogulla 31.07.1987 Portland Pirates, AHL
F/A Thomas Greilinger 06.08.1981 ERC Ingolstadt
F/A Manuel Klinge 05.09.1984 Kassel Huskies
F/A Marcel Müller 10.07.1988 Kölner Haie
F/A Travis James Mulock 25.06.1985 Eisbären Berlin
F/A André Rankel 27.08.1985 Eisbären Berlin
F/A Marco Sturm 08.09.1978 Boston Bruins, NHL
F/A John Tripp 04.05.1977 Hamburg Freezers
F/A Michael Wolf 24.01.1981 Iserlohn Roosters
  • Germany’s roster features seven players from North America (6 NHL, 1 AHL), while the other 16 players come from the German league.
  • Only two NHL players were not included, but are on the reserve list: Jochen Hecht and Christoph Schubert.
  • Sven Felski has the  most international experience with 140 national team games, including the 2006 Olympics and nine World Championships.
  • Seven players on the preliminary roster represented Germany in Turin 2006, while 10 played in the 2009 World Championship.