2004-05 National Men's Team

Canada 2 Japan 8

Nagano Cup
Friday, January 28, 2005
Nagano, JPN

Japanese hospitality was not on display Friday as the hosts cruised to an 8-2 victory over Canada in the first game of the Nagano Cup.  

The Mid-West Islanders, who are representing Canada in this tournament, were overmatched by the Japanese national team for the second game in a row. The team from Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan, lost 5-1 to the Japanese in an exhibition game on Wednesday.

"The Japanese team plays with a ton of speed and a ton of intensity," said Canada's coach Blaine Gusdal after Friday's loss. "They come in waves...we didn't get the goaltending we are accustomed to tonight."

Takahito Suzuki scored a goal and set up another to lead Japan. The captain of Japan's team scored on a power play goal late in the first period at Big Hat arena as the host nation jumped  out to a 3-0 lead.

"We're obviously very pleased with the result," said Japan's coach Mark Mahon, a Canadian who has played and coached in the Japanese league. "Our power play was very solid and now we just have to work on our defensive team play to get to the next level."

The Nagano Cup is played to commemorate the 1998 Nagano Olympics, where players from the National Hockey League took part in the Olympics for the first time.

Yasunori Iwata, Aaron Keller and Akifumi Okuyama added goals in the second period when Japan opened up a commanding 6-0 lead before Russ Hewson got the Canadians on the scoreboard late in the second period.
Former NHLer Blair Atcheynum scored for Canada in the third period while Junichi Takahashi and Takeshi Saito tallied for the host nation to close out the scoring.

Canada will take on a club from Russia on Saturday in their final game of the three-nation tourney. Japan plays Russia on Sunday.

Box Score CAN
Compte JPN

First Period/Première période

JPN, Kazuyoshi Yamaguchi (Yasunori Iwata) 14 :07
JPN, Masahiro Kawamura (Chris Yule, Tomohiko Uchiyama) 15:55 PPG
JPN, Takahito Suzuki (Kengo Ito) 18:16 PPG

Junichi Takahashi, JPN (Slashing/cingler) 6:12
Russ Henson, CAN (Interference/obstruction) 14:27
Dan Brokenfohr, CAN (Boarding/donner de la bande) 17:56
Geoff Lynch, CAN (Cross-Checking/double-échec) 18:59

Second Period/Deuxième période

JPN, Yasunori Iwata (Tomohiko Uchiyama) 21:42 PPG
JPN, Aaron Michio Keller (Takeshi Saito) 25:54
JPN, Akifumi Okuyama (Takayuki Kobori, Fumitaka Miyauchi) 31:52
CAN, Russ Hewson (Mike Thompson) 37:33

Richard Nault, CAN (Slashing/cingler) 20:25
Takayuki Sakai, JPN (Tripping/trebucher) 23:27
Yasunori Iwata, JPN (Hi-Sticking/Baton eleve) 26:58
Daisuke Obara, JPN (Interference/Obstruction) 29:48
Blair Atcheynum, CAN (Misconduct/inconduite) 36:04
Aaron Michio Keller, JPN (Misconduct/inconduite) 36:04

Third Period/Troisième période

JPN, Junichi Takahashi (Takahito Suzuki, Takeshi Saito ) 43:15
CAN, Blair Atcheynum (Martin Smith, Rob Douglas) 51 :54
JPN,  Takeshi Saito (Chris Yule, Tomohiko Uchiyama) 57:41 PPG

Takahito Suzuki, JPN (Holding/retenir) 40:53
Junichi Takahashi, JPN (Holding/retenir) 44:50
Geoff Lynch, CAN (Hi-Sticking/Baton eleve) 54:20
Geoff Lynch, CAN (Game/match) 54:20
Derek Shybunka, CAN (slashing/cingler) 59:10
Craig Haydon, CAN (slashing/cingler) 59:41
Craig Haydon, CAN (roughing/rudesse) 59:41
Blair Zahara, CAN (Cross-Checking/Double-échec) 60:00
Blair Zahara, CAN (Cross-Checking/Double-échec) 60:00

Goaltenders CAN Stephan Wagner
Gardiennes de but JPN Junji O'Gino

Shots on Goal Team

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3 p


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