2000-01 National Men's Team

Deutschland Cup

November 10-12, 2000
Hannover, GER

Canada wins 2000 Deutschland Cup!

Canada has assembled two rosters of Canadians most of whom are currently playing in Europe for upcoming events in Europe. A first team will face Switzerland and Germany in a two-game goodwill series November 7-8 while a second team will take part in the Deutschland Cup from November 10-12 in Hannover, Germany. Canada will be facing National teams from Germany, Slovakia and Switzerland in this event.

Date Game/Result Event Location
7 CAN 6 SUI 4 Exhibition Hannover, GER
8 CAN 4 GER 1 Exhibition Hannover, GER
10 CAN 3 SUI 2 Deutschland Cup Hannover, GER
11 CAN 5 SVK 4 Deutschland Cup Hannover, GER
12 CAN 5 GER 2 Deutschland Cup Hannover, GER
For more information:
Brad Pascall Vice-President, Hockey Operations