2003 IIHF World Junior Championship

Sweden 3
Switzerland 5
Play Off Round
Saturday, January 4, 2003
Halifax, NS

Switzerland Upsets Sweden, 5-3

Upstart Switzerland played a solid game this afternoon and soundly disposed of perennial achiever Sweden 5-3 today in front of 6,288 devoted hockey fans in Halifax. The Swedes fell to 8th place this year, their worst performance at the World Juniors since 1997.

The Swiss attack looked very poised against Sweden, and their goals came from a variety of sources. Cyrill Buhler opened the scoring at 10:17 of the first period with a rocket shot to the top corner from the deep slot that eluded Swedish goaltender Mathias Fagerstrom. Switzerland also got a pair of goals from player-of-the-game Patrik Bartschi and single goals from Severin Blindenbacher and Kevin Romy to send Sweden to their worst finish since 1997 when, ironically enough, the Swiss beat Sweden 6-2 for seventh place.

At least at the junior level, Sweden does not appear to be the powerhouse that most people assume them to be. They brought some sensational talent to the tournament but played undisciplined hockey for the tournament’s duration. Today’s game was no exception, as they took 26 minutes in penalties and relinquished two power-play goals. They haven’t won a medal since taking home a bronze in 1996.

The bright spots on the Swedish side this afternoon were Yared Hagos, Andreas Jamtin, and player-of-the-game Alexander Steen, who each capped off a solid individual tournament performances with a goal. Goaltender Mathias Fagerstrom also had his strongest showing of the tournament against the Swiss, despite allowing five goals. His team allowed at least six breakaways to the Swiss as well as a variety of chances at even strength and on the power play. Had it not been for Fagerstrom’s amazing mobility the Swiss score could have easily been in the double digits.

The game kept the Halifax crowd on the edge of their seats for its entirety, with the last major flurry coming at the 19-minute mark of the third period when Swedish sensation Robert Nilsson got his best chance of the contest, firing the puck just over the crossbar. As luck would have it, the puck caromed off the boards right back to his stick and he was promptly robbed by goaltender Daniel Manzato, who was solid between the pipes.

Tempers flared up at the end of the game when both teams left the bench and started to push and shove at center ice, but the referees were able to keep the ruckus to a minimum. Both teams then lined up for the customary handshake after the national anthem.

Forest Kenney
Game Night Reporter

Box Score












Scoring/Buts :
19.23 1 - 2 EQ SWE 10. FALK, Andreas (3. BAARNHIELM, Patrik 21. SJOSTROM, Fredrik)
13.15 0 - 2 EQ SUI 11. BARTSCHI, Patrik (10. AMBUHL, Andrei 13. CHRISTEN, Gregory)
10.17 0 - 1 EQ SUI 12. BUHLER, Cyrill (17. PETER, Emanuel)

Penalties/Pénalités :
19.57 2 min SWE 29. NILSSON, Robert ELBOW
07.12 2 min SUI 4. TALLARINI, Alan INTRF
03.16 2 min SWE 28. JAMTIN, Andreas SLASH
Scoring/Buts :
32.12 2 - 4 EQ SUI 21. ROMY, Kevin (14. CONZ, Florian)
31.56 2 - 3 PP1 SUI 5. BLINDENBACHER, Severin (11. BARTSCHI, Patrik 29. FORSTER, Beat)
20.26 2 - 2 SH1 SWE 24. STEEN, Alexander

Penalties/Pénalités :
39.08 10 min SWE 21. SJOSTROM, Fredrik MISC
32.46 2 min SUI 17. PETER, Emanuel ROUGH
32.46 2 min SWE 13. SKOOG, Simon ROUGH
31.13 2 min SWE 17. PAULSSON, Marcus ROUGH
25.43 2 min SUI 4. TALLARINI, Alan TRIP
Scoring/Buts :
56.22 3 - 5 EQ SWE 16. HAGOS, Yared (28. JAMTIN, Andreas)
51.41 2 - 5 PP1 SUI 11. BARTSCHI, Patrik (29. FORSTER, Beat 21. ROMY, Kevin)

Penalties/Pénalités :
53.08 2 min SWE 16. HAGOS, Yared CHARG
52.13 2 min SWE 21. SJOSTROM, Fredrik ROUGH
52.13 2 min SUI 2. BAUMGARTNER, Lukas ROUGH
50.12 2 min SWE 14. ANDERSSON, Adam ROUGH
50.12 2 min SUI 13. CHRISTEN, Gregory SLASH
49.42 2 min SWE 20. ERIKSSON, Fredrik HI-ST
48.13 2 min SWE 24. STEEN, Alexander HI-ST
48.13 2 min SUI 24. NEUENSCHWANDER, Caryl CHARG
47.35 2 min SUI 5. BLINDENBACHER, Severin TRIP
45.41 2 min SUI 3. DALLENBACH, Juerg INTRF
43.24 10 min SUI 4. TALLARINI, Alan CHE-B
43.24 2 min SUI 4. TALLARINI, Alan CHE-B
Players of the Game SWE Unavailable
Joueurs du partie SUI Unavailable

Goaltenders SWE SWE 1. FAGERSTROM, Mathias 59.42 GK out SWE 1. FAGERSTROM, Mathias
Gardiens de but SUI 1. MANZATO, Daniel

Shots on Goal by Shots on Goal by





Shots on Goal by SWE





Tirs au but par SUI





Officials Referee/Arbitre JOHNSEN, Tor Olav
Officiels Linesmen/Juges des lignes COSTELLO, John, DOUCETTE, Derek

Attendance/Assistance -,---

Sweden-Switzerland Preview

In a tough pool, Sweden went 1-3 for the preliminary round. Many of the games were closer battles than the scores indicate. The strongest team in the relegation round, Sweden is coming into this game after a scare from Belarus on Friday, squeaking out a 5-4 win after playing much of the game tied.

Sweden’s captain, Alexander Steen, was satisfied with the win, but wants to keep focused.

“After the game (Friday), it was an unbelievable sigh of relief. We want to go home with a win. We want to finish the tournament in a positive way.”

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