2001 IIHF World Junior Championship

DAY SIX, MOSCOW - Dec. 31, 2000
Post Game Report vs. Switzerland/New Year's Eve

That was one of those games that makes you want to scream. We did so many things right in the first couple of periods.

I loved the new line combinations. Lundmark, Heatley and Reid looked great together. In fact, we got scoring from all of our forward lines. That's the kind of depth we were looking for when we put this team together.

That was the good news. The bad news was that the third period was a horror show. We weren't disciplined enough. We lost our focus and we really let Alex Auld down. Alex is a guy with a great attitude who's had to fill a tough role as the backup goalie. I wanted to get him into the game to get him some playing time and, unfortunately, he was the guy back there when we let down in the third period and took some bad penalties.

Still, there was more good than bad. Hopefully we learned something from the third period and we'll be better for it in our next game in the quarter finals against the USA. It's New Year's Eve - the biggest holiday of the year here in Russia. It's a big one back home too, and often a time where you reflect back on things you have to be greatful for. I'm thankful for my Mom, Kay, who has been there for me for my whole life. She's a great lady who has the ability (as many mothers do) to give me a good kick in the rear end when I need it or to get me back on track when I have doubts about myself.

My wife Barb is always there - for me and the kids. My job is one I have to commit a lot of time to if I'm going to be successful. That means double duty for Barb - driving the kids here and there, spending time with them; doing all the things she would normally do plus things that I'd like to be doing if I wasn't at work. I don't know what I'd do without her.

My son Adam is a great kid. He's starting to love hockey almost as much as I do. He plays on a novice seven select team in Wexford. Believe it or not, he's a goalie (how could I have let my son do that?). I'm kidding, of course. He loves playing goal and has fun with it. I guess as a parent you always sort of hope your kids love the same things you do. But that's not always going to be the case. You have to let them find their own way. For now, at least, I'm happy to see that Adam is enjoying something that has brought me so much enjoyment.

Last of all, I have to mention my beautiful daughter Sara. Sara is globally developmentally delayed. In short, it means she will only develop, mentally, to a certain limit. To see her learning to do things like ride a horse, and the pride and joy she feels from doing that, really makes me happy. What a positive person she is. After we lost that tough game to the Russians I was in my hotel room afterwards feeling a little down. I checked my e-mail and Sara had sent me a message:

"Don't worry Dad.....you'll win the next one." If that doesn't make you greatful, nothing will. Happy New Year to all of you.

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