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The power of an assist: BFL Canada

A hockey dad himself, Barry Lorenzetti knows what the game means to Canadian families. That's why BFL CANADA is proud to support the Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund

Katie Brickman
June 17, 2022

Being a hockey dad, Barry Lorenzetti knows the impact the game can have on Canadian families.

Lorenzetti has also seen the importance of creating equal opportunities at the grassroots level and giving back to those who face barriers.

“Hockey, of course, for me, represents a tremendous opportunity to unite the country,” says Lorenzetti, founder, president and CEO of BFL Canada.

Hockey has been a lifelong passion for the Montreal native – he has sat on the Hockey Canada Foundation Board of Directors for many years, including a stint as chair, and believes in the vision of promoting the game to young athletes.

“To be part of the Hockey Canada Foundation is in line with my values,” he says. “I am proud to be around business personnel who share in our vision, especially this endeavor from BFL’s perspective to be involved in the Assist Fund for Hockey Canada.”

BFL Canada is an insurance brokerage risk services company with over 1,100 employees across Canada.

It is a long-time partner of Hockey Canada and proud donor to the Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund, which was created in response to many families experiencing financial challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to make the game more accessible to children and families who can’t afford the costs of hockey.

“We’ve seen the appreciation that the young folks have with the Assist Fund. Giving back like that is even more rewarding from my perspective,” Lorenzetti states. “To give underprivileged kids and their families the opportunity to register and get back into hockey. I think that has been such a tremendous success.”

Throughout his professional career, Lorenzetti has supported various charitable organizations, with a passion for women's entrepreneurship, mental health and elevating girls and women in hockey.

In particular, seeing the effects the pandemic had on the mental health of young Canadians was a driving factor in BFL Canada in collaborating and supporting the Assist Fund.

“We think having the kids out and having their families out on the ice through this function … it’s a small part that we have been able to do at BFL Canada perspective,” he says. “We are just honoured to be part of this group.”

BFL Canada is also a major sponsor of women’s hockey through Hockey Canada and Lorenzetti understands that starts at the grassroots level and helping get more girls into the sport.

“For me, just to see the faces, see the appreciation and to have fun with these kids and to see how they are appreciative to be on the ice,” he says. “This is a joint venture – where we give [to Hockey Canada], the more we get out of it. We are getting a lot out of it from my perspective.”

For more information or to donate to the Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund, visit HockeyCanada.ca/AssistFund.

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