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How to guide for the Hockey Canada Network app

A guide to the HCN for Hockey Canada Skills Academies

February 20, 2018

About the Hockey Canada Network
The Hockey Canada Network provides coaches and players the tools to succeed with drills, skills, videos, practice plans and articles on your tablet or phone. Each of the 1,400+ drills on the Network includes a diagram, demonstration video, key teaching points and a Team Canada game clip showing the skill in a game situation that can be added to a custom Training Plan. The Hockey Canada Network also has over 3,200 articles on everything from coaching tips to nutrition and more than 300 pre-made practice plans!

How to utilize the Hockey Canada Network with your students
Did you know that with the Hockey Canada Network subscription provided to you by Hockey Canada, you can share any content on the Network with individuals who have a free account? Anything you share will be available to these individuals for 14 days. If the content is downloaded within these 14 days, it will remain on their device. This is a great way to share Training Plans with your students ahead of an on-ice session. Simply encourage your students to download the Hockey Canada Network today and register for a free account!

Once students are signed up, you can create a Team on the Network. You can share individual articles or drills with Teams and you can also create Training Plans for your players to review prior to getting on the ice.

Hockey Canada Skills Academy on the Hockey Canada Network
We are excited to announce we have created a Hockey Canada Skills Academy Team on the Network! Every month, we will be sharing relevant articles, drills and practice plans as a resource for HCSA instructors. Additionally, Hockey Canada shares its recommended Drills of the Month for coaches of every level. Select the links of the teams you would like to join to receive relevant articles and Drills of the Month.

Hockey Canada Skills Academies

For more information:

Esther Madziya
Manager, Communications
Hockey Canada

(403) 284-6484 

[email protected] 

Spencer Sharkey
Manager, Communications
Hockey Canada

(403) 777-4567

[email protected]

Jeremy Knight
Manager, Corporate Communications
Hockey Canada

(647) 251-9738

[email protected]

2022 IPH: USA 4 – CAN 0 (Gold)
Canada takes home silver after being shut out in the IPH Cup final.
2022 IPH: CAN 4 – CZE 1 (Semifinal)
Dominic Cozzolino scored twice to lead Canada to the IPH Cup Final.
2022 IPH: USA 8 – CAN 2 (Preliminary)
Jacobs-Webb and Hickey had power play goals in Canada’s prelim finale.
2022 IPH: CAN 5 – IPH 2 (Preliminary)
Cozzolino had a four-point game as Canada defeated Team IPH on Sunday.