CHA Preparing Action Plan Following The Recommendations Out of The Molson Open Ice Summit
August 30, 1999

CALGARY, AB-- The Canadian Hockey Association is in the process of creating an action plan that will focus on the implementation of the recommendations that came forth from the Molson Open Ice Summit last week in Toronto, the Canadian Hockey Association announced Monday.

The CHA's Board of Directors, most of whom attended the Open Ice Summit from August 25-27 in Toronto, concluded two days of meetings on Sunday which included lengthy discussions about the direction that the CHA will be taking regarding the summit recommendations.

A decision by the Board of Directors was made on Sunday to create an action plan for the CHA and all CHA Branches, responding to the recommendations from the Open Ice summit. The focus of all eleven recommendations at the summit is towards the development of hockey players in Canada, with the continued education of coaches, parents and volunteers involved in hockey.

"We are looking forward to working together with our hockey partners in Canada, including the NHL, NHLPA, CHL and federal and provincial governments, to create awareness of what the Open Ice recommendations mean for hockey in Canada," said Wayne Russell, Chairman of the Board for the CHA. "We feel that we can address the recommendations brought forth out of the Open Ice summit, and look forward to creating an action plan over time to address these issues."

The Board of Directors' proposed action plan includes distributing an information bulletin to the CHA membership, that will assist in creating awareness and answering questions on the Open Ice summit and its recommendations. The goal of this bulletin is to inform the membership of what the Open Ice recommendations are and to create discussion at the grass roots level of implementation.

The second part of the proposed action plan consists of putting together discussion forums at all upcoming CHA meetings (Fall Board Planning, Fall Council, Officers and Semi-Annual meetings) which will bring together the grass roots membership of hockey in Canada, and create discussion and action plans on implementation over the months and years ahead.

"The task of implementing the recommendations at the minor hockey level in Canada will be a huge challenge," said Bob Nicholson, President, CHA. "We accept this challenge, and hope that the national media and our hockey constituents will assist us in communicating key messages directly to Canadians from coast to coast."

The CHA will then create discussion papers and position papers on each recommendation, and distribute them widely within and outside of the membership of the Canadian Hockey Association.

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