2013 Female World Sport School Challenge

Shaftesbury Hockey Academy 6- Banff Hockey Academy 2


by Janessa Wirth

WINNIPEG, Man. – It’s Day 1 of the 2013 Female World Sport School Challenge, where eight schools from across Canada are competing in the prestigious hockey tournament February 21 - 24. Games began Thursday morning, with local sport school team the Shaftesbury Titans topping Banff Hockey Academy 6-2 during the second game at the Iceplex here in Winnipeg.

About 75 fans came out to watch the 9:30 a.m. Shaftesbury and Banff face off, with Shaftesbury’s strong players and excellent on-ice communication dominating the game.  

Shaftesbury is a well-rounded team, one to look out for this weekend. The team’s passing execution was nearly flawless, speed and agility were both excellent, and players knew where they needed to be at all times. Goalie Tiana Charban (Winnipeg, Man.) was almost unstoppable as she was saving shots left, right and centre.

Kayla Mee (Stonewall, Man.) started the scoring off in the first period for Shaftesbury. A quick unassisted goal was the first of many throughout the game. Kayla Karbonik (St. Andrews, Man.) scored another to end the period with a 2-0 lead over Banff.

Banff’s first goal was scored late in the second period on the power play by Livia Lucova (Bradejov, Slovakia), assisted by Alexis Westergaard (Invermere, B.C.) and Brittany Erickson (Banff, Alta.). But three back-to-back goals were scored by Shaftesbury, giving them a huge lead going into the third period.

Banff came back in the third period with a lot of determination to try and get back in the game. The team’s players picked up speed and their passing was very clean. Despite their efforts and a breakaway goal by Alecia Speager (Hythe, Alta.), they came up a little short and Shaftesbury took the 6-2 win.

Stephanie Grossi (Winnipeg, Man.) was named player of the game, proving herself to be a powerful forward with two back-to-back goals late in the game. Her passing was also very strong and she was always quick to the puck.

Game Information/Renseignements sur le match
Game #/No. de match 2 Round/Ronde Preliminary
Arena/Aréna IcePlex - RE/MAX Rink
Location/Lieu Winnipeg, Man.
Date Thurs. Feb. 21, 2013
Time/Heure 09:30 AM CT

Box Score/Compte 1 2 3 Total
Shaftesbury Hockey Academy (SHA)
2 3 1
Banff Hockey Academy (BHA)
0 1 1 2

Goals & Penalties/Buts et pénalités
First Period/Première période
Goals/Buts :
10:32 SHA 28 Kayla Mee 
15:51 SHA 11 Kayla Karbonik (4 Justine Fredette)

Penalties/Pénaltés :
12:27 SHA 5 Sydney Mullin (Hooking)
14:32 BHA 17 Brittany Erickson (Tripping)

Second Period/Deuxième période
Goals/Buts :
   06:42 SHA 11 Kayla Karbonik (4 Justine Fredette, 28 Kayla Mee)
   11:18 SHA 8 Stephanie Grossi (4 Justine Fredette)
   13:28 SHA 8 Stephanie Grossi (16 Kelsey Saelens)
   16:50 BHA 11 Livia Lucova (12 Alexis Westergaard, 17 Brittany Erickson) PP

Penalties/Pénaltés :
   04:32 SHA 28 Kayla Mee (Interference)
   16:50 SHA 5 Sydney Mullin (Tripping)

Third Period/Troisième période
Goals/Buts :
  09:14 BHA 22 Alecia Speager 
  15:33 SHA 4 Justine Fredette (16 Kelsey Saelens)

Penalties/Pénaltés :
   03:47 SHA   (Too Many Men)
   05:05 BHA 11 Livia Lucova (Slashing)
   07:34 SHA 9 Cydnee Cook (Bodychecking)

Goaltenders/Gardien(ne)s de but
1 Tiana Charban On 1/00:00 Off 3/20:00
30 Amy Murray On 1/00:00 Off 3/18:41

Shots on Goal/Tirs au but 1 2 3 Total
SHA 15 10 6 31
BHA 6 8 6 20

Players of the Game/Joueur(se) du match
SHA 8 Stephanie Grossi
BHA 11 Livia Lucova