2013 Female World Sport School Challenge

Pursuit of Excellence Hockey Academy 6 - Rothesay Netherwood School 0


by Janessa Wirth

WINNIPEG, Man. – The crowd was loud and excited for Game 4 at the 2013 Female World Sport School Challenge. The Pursuit of Excellence Hockey Academy faced off against Rothesway Netherwood in what was a tough battle. But in the end, the Pursuit of Excellence proved to be faster and stronger, shutting out Rothesay Netherwood for a 6-0 final.

Both teams started off strong, with fluidity and speed on the ice. The first period was a quick one, with Pursuit of Excellence taking control right away. Two unanswered goals from Sarah Potomak (Aldergrove, B.C.) including one while shorthanded, and one from Malia Schneider (Calgary, Alta.), gave the team a 3-0 lead going into intermission. Rothesay worked hard but had a bit of a challenge keeping the puck.

The Pursuit of Excellence held its lead through the second, scoring three more unanswered goals. Bridget Baker (Los Gatos, Calif.) scored in the first 25 seconds of the period. Potomak made it a hat trick less than a minute later, while Lauren Spring (Kelowna, B.C.) scored at 8:08 in the period. The Pursuit of Excellence kept shooting the puck at the net every single chance they had.

Rothesay Netherwood goalie Marlene Boissonnault (Dundee, N.B.) saved shot after shot in the second, stopping 19 out of 22 pucks. Rothesay also had excellent puck control on the power play, but was still unable to score. Despite some quick passes by Rothesay, the Pursuit of Excellence became able to predict and intercept. Rothesay’s Caitlin McCabe (Renous, N.B.) was very aggressive as she tried to keep the puck in the opponent’s zone.

Heading into the third, Rothesay Netherwood was even more aggressive. McCabe was speedy and battled for the puck, creating a few good chances for goals, but her team just couldn’t put any shots into the net. A few tripping penalties had Rothesay  Netherwod left fighting shorthanded. There were no goals scored in the third, leaving the final score at 6-0, with 61-9 shots in favour of the Pursuit of Excellence.

Player of the game for Rothesay Netherwood was goaltender Boissonnault, who faced a whopping 61 shot totals. The Pursuit of Excellence Hockey Academy’s player of the game was Potomak, with a hat trick and an assist.

Game Information/Renseignements sur le match
Game #/No. de match 4
Round/Ronde Preliminary
Arena/Aréna IcePlex - RE/MAX Rink Location/Lieu Winnipeg, Man.
Date Thurs. Feb. 21, 2013
Time/Heure 12:30 PM CT

Box Score/Compte 1 2 3 Total
3 0 6
0 0 0

Goals & Penalties/Buts et pénalités
First Period/Première période
Goals/Buts :
08:30 POE 9 Sarah Potomak (17 Lauren Spring, 2 Natalie Stanwood)
09:51 POE 14 Malia Schneider (11 Carmen Haenggi)
12:04 POE 9 Sarah Potomak (5 Danielle Hardy) SH

Penalties/Pénaltés :
11:10 POE 16 Morgan Sakundiak (Interference)

Second Period/Deuxième période
Goals/Buts :
00:25 POE 13 Bridget Baker (16 Morgan Sakundiak)
01:16 POE 9 Sarah Potomak (17 Lauren Spring, 15 Carla Goodwin)
08:08 POE 17 Lauren Spring (9 Sarah Potomak, 16 Morgan Sakundiak) PP

Penalties/Pénaltés :
01:50 RNS 2 Robyn Edwards (Cross Checking)
07:16 RNS 19 Brittany Poitras (Holding)
12:10 POE 5 Danielle Hardy (Bodychecking)

Third Period/Troisième période
Goals/Buts :

Penalties/Pénaltés :
02:33 RNS 14 Abbey Friars (Tripping)
07:53 POE 2 Natalie Stanwood (Interference)
17:18 RNS 3 Kahlen Gibson (Tripping)

Goaltenders/Gardien(ne)s de but
1 Sara Besseling On 1/00:00 Off 3/20:00
1 Marlene Boissonnault On 1/00:00 Off 3/18:41

Shots on Goal/Tirs au but 1 2 3 Total
POE 18 22 21 61
RNS 3 4 2 9

Players of the Game/Joueur(se) du match
POE 9 Sarah Potomak
RNS 1 Marlene Boissonnault