2003 Esso Women's Nationals


Team Saskatchewan is very excited about the 2003 Esso Women's National Hockey Championship.

It all started in October with 90 hopefuls. The girls were put into four teams, where they scrimmaged for two days. From there the players were slimmed down to two teams and were invited back for a camp in November. That weekend the teams played for the Lanigan Cup, where Team Red prevailed. After the November camp the team was selected.

Players are comprised from teams out of the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Regina, Notre Dame, Regina, and Saskatoon. We have also had two, one day practice sessions in January. Now we await Nationals. We have challenged ourselves to play to the best of our ability and now Team Saskatchewan is thrilled to be playing in our own province before the hometown crowd.

No. Name Shot Pos. Club Team Home Town DOB
No. Nom Lancer Pos. Équipe d’origine Ville d’origine DNN
1 Lenita Hanson L/G G Lightening Saskatoon, SK 13/09/75
2 Sally Sutter L/G D Univ. of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, SK 18/03/83
4 Lisa Dohm L/G F/A Univ. of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, SK 21/11/82
5 Sarah Howald R/D D Regina Sharks Regina, SK 31/10/74
6 Brandy West R/D F/A Univ. of Regina Regina, SK 22/04/79
7 Tanya Marlyk L/G F/A Regina Sharks Lumsden, SK 31/07/74
8 Kelley Len L/G D Bulldogs Saskatoon, SK 10/06/77
9 Tanis Mintzler R/D D Hurricanes Regina, SK 18/08/82
10 Chelsa Heywood L/G F/A Univ. of Regina Regina, SK 11/05/84
11 Monica Brennan L/G D Hawks Regina, SK 24/07/87
12 Stacy Allen L/G D Notre Dame Hounds Wilcox, SK 04/08/85
14 Stephanie Cawood L/G F/A Bulldogs Saskatoon, SK 11/10/75
15 Beckie Bailey L/G F/A Univ. of Saskatchewan Kyle, SK 12/07/80
16 Laurie Alexander L/G F/A Regina Sharks Moose Jaw, SK 06/27/81
17 Julie Foster R/D F/A Univ. of Regina Regina, SK 12/01/69
18 Nicole Mossop R/D F/A Bulldogs Saskatoon, SK 28/05/79
19 Tanielle Hilderman R/D F/A Hounds Strasbourg, SK 16/03/85
20 Gwen Bramwell R/D F/A Lightening Saskatoon, SK 31/05/78
21 Sarah Churchman R/D F/A Bulldogs Saskatoon, SK 24/06/82
31 Robin Nuttall R/D G Univ. of Saskatchewan Pense, SK 07/05/82

Branch Rep. / Rep. Branche: Debbie Ashby
Coach / Entraîneur: Wade Hoffus
Assistant Coach / Entraîneur adjoint: Bill Humphreys
Trainer / Soigneur: Connie Burton