2002 Esso Women's Nationals


No. Name Shot Pos. Club Team Home Town DOB
No. Nom Lancer Pos. Équipe dºorigine Ville dºorigine DNN
1 Brittony Chartier L/G G Saskatoon Flyers Saskatoon, SK 25/01/86
2 Fallon Head R/D F/A Melfort Mustangs Kinistine, SK 30/03/86
4 Randie Jelinski L/G D Notre Dame Hounds Regina, SK 25/05/84
5 Chelsea Taylor L/G D Eston Panthers Outlook, SK 06/10/84
6 Diane Todd R/D C Regina Royals Regina, SK 04/06/84
7 Danielle Walz R/D C Notre Dame Hounds Kerrobert, SK 18/05/86
8 Kelley Len L/G D Saskatoon Bulldogs Saskatoon, SK 10/06/77
9 Tara Côté R/D F/A Saskatoon Comets Saskatoon, SK 08/10/85
10 Bobbi-Jo Slusar L/G D Notre Dame Hounds Swift Current, SK 06/06/85
11 Mariesa Mason L/G F/A Saskatoon Comets Saskatoon, SK 04/03/85
12 Brianne Woodcock L/G F/A Saskatoon Comets Aberdeen, SK 24/08/85
14 Stephanie Cawood L/G C Saskatoon, Comets North Battleford, SK 11/10/75
15 Cami Wooster L/G F/A Unity Lazers Salvador, SK 03/12/86
16 Chelsey Funk L/G F/A Saskatoon Bulldogs Swift Current, SK 06/05/81
17 Jenine Williams R/D D Cougars Regina, SK 25/09/84
18 Nicole Mossop R/D F/A Saskatoon Bulldogs Spiritwood, SK 28/05/79
19 Bobbi Ross R/D D Avonlea Prairie Thunder Verwood, SK 22/11/83
20 Kristine Lacelle R/D C Saskatoon Lightning St. Benedict, SK 23/11/78
21 Elysia Cobbledick R/D F/A Cougars Regina, SK 01/04/84
31 Holly Tarleton L/G G Lashburn Flyers Lashburn, SK 22/11/83

Branch Rep./Rep. Branche: Bill Espey
Coach/Entraîneur: Laura Solberg
Assistant Coach/Entraîneure adjointe: Linda Boryski
Sports Psychologist/Psychologue Sportive: Ralph Schdenfeld
Trainer/Soigneur: Joelle Burley
Fitness Trainer/Entraineur physique: Heather Whelan
Nutritionist/Nutritioniste: Brenda Comfort
Team Senior Host(s): Jennifer Smith & Gary Scholl
Team Junior Host(s): Michaela Schreiter & Amy Grenier

Team Saskatchewan is comprised of players who hail from every point in Saskatchewan. The direction this year was not to include CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sports) athletes and to give other players in the province exposure. Saskatchewan’s provincial team has very strong leadership, with an abundance of hockey experience at an elite level. Team Saskatchewan consists of former CIS and Team Western players with the balance of our
roster bantam and midget-age players. As facilitator’s of high performance, coach Solberg, coach Boryski, and athletic therapist Joelle Burley are quick to point out the camaraderie, relentless effort and the amazing learning curves of all the athletes. Throughout the training camps this year, we have watched our experienced players and our youth gel together. What comes to mind is respect and trust amongst Team Saskatchewan. We are proud to be
representing Saskatchewan at this year’s Esso Women’s National Hockey Championship. Along with player development and experience at a high performance event, our goal for Team Saskatchewan is to compete in the medal round.


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