2010 Esso Cup


Hello hockey parents, players and fans, my name is Jenny MacKnight, and I have been a forward on the Regina Rebels for three years. What makes this year any different from the prior ones? Well, this year my teammates and I get the opportunity to take part in the 2010 Esso Cup, Canada’s National Female Midget Championship, as the host team.

The best part about coming in as host is that we get to be the underdogs. I always feel like being the underdog going into the tournament is much better than being one of the teams that’s facing high expectations. Take a look at the 1972 Summit Series featuring Canada versus Russia – that was a huge uprising in Canadian hockey. Sometimes, it is good when the other teams know very little about you going into a tournament.

In the next few weeks, I am going to introduce you to the team, our preparation, and our experiences on a day-to-day basis. So my fellow hockey fans, parents, and players, here is Jenny’s Journal.

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Esso Cup
Thu Apr 22, 2010
PAC 3 - ATL 2
WST 2 - ONT 5
QUE 1 - HST 3
Fri Apr 23, 2010
PAC 1 - ONT 2
HST 0 - WST 5
Sat Apr 24, 2010
PAC 5 - HST 1
WST 3 - ONT 4
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