2001 RBC Cup

Overview of Flin Flon and Area

Since 1927, the City of Flin Flon has been a major mining community in Northwestern Manitoba and Northeastern Saskatchewan, with a long and storied hockey tradition. Located just under 500 kilometres north-northeast of Saskatoon, parts of the community are in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
Flin Flon is readily accessible by scenic highways and daily scheduled air service. From fishing to skiing, it offers the traveler lots to do in both summer and winter. Hotels, restaurants, shopping and full services all make Flin Flon the ideal place to visit and start exploring Greenstone Country.

Abundant mineral resources enabled this once small village to grow into a thriving, active city. Together with its sister communities of Creighton, Denare Beach, Cranberry Portage, Pelican Narrows and Snow Lake, Flin Flon services an area with a population of approximately 25,000.



The following tables list the average temperatures in our area:
Season Day Night
Spring 7 to 15C 0 to 7C
Summer 16 to 25C 10 to 16C
Fall 0 to 15C -5 to 10C
Winter -15 to -30C -15 to -35C

Lots to See and Do in Flin Flon
From the Heritage Museum to the Tourist Park and Campground, from the Hapnot Lake Wildlife Sanctuary to beaches, swimming pools, petting zoo and nature trails, from golfing and curling to the famous Trout Festival held every July long weekend, Flin Flon has something for everyone.

Standing at the entrance to the Tourist Park, the 24-foot statue of Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin, designed by cartoonist Al Capp, welcomes visitors to Flin Flon. Flinty was the hero of a science fiction novel found in the wilderness by gold prospectors in the early years of the century. When they found gold in 1914, they remembered the story and called their claim Flin Flon. The name stuck, and that's how the city got its name.

It was not until 1927 that the mine property was brought into production. Shortly thereafter, a local hockey team was formed to represent Flin Flon, and it was not long before the Flin Flon Bombers became synonymous with junior hockey.

Flin Flon is very proud of its hockey heritage. There can be no doubt that hosting the Royal Bank Cup will be a significant event in Flin Flon's history and a major addition to the following overview of the Bombers as prepared by the Flin Flon Bombers' Historical Committee.

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