Sledge Hockey Development


Coaching Resources
This resource is designed for existing hockey coaches to make the transition from coaching able-bodied hockey to coaching athletes with a disability in sledge hockey. Introductions to both the grassroots and elite sides of the game are provided. After reading this resource a coach should have a solid foundation of knowledge of many aspects of the sport of sledge hockey.

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HC Fitness Testing Guidelines
This manual is designed to serve as a guideline for sledge hockey players and coaches who are striving to take their game to the next level. It will provide an outline of the fitness testing regimes which are in place for athletes on Canada's National Sledge Hockey Team as well as some of the standards which are maintained by both national team athletes and developing athletes who are on the path to becoming national team athletes in the future.

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HC Core Training & Strectching Manual
Sledge hockey is a fast-paced, aggressive sport which is extremely demanding physically. In order to play the sport at the elite level, excellent physical conditioning is required. Even playing the sport recreationally, a strong level of conditioning will allow the participant to succeed and enjoy their experience more.

Due to the nature of the sport, strength in the body's core is of particular importance. This manual is designed in order to give sledge hockey players and coaches a resource to use in order to improve their own core strength and help them enjoy and achieve a higher level of success in the sport of sledge hockey.

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Officiating Guidelines
The purpose of this document is to provide an introduction for existing able-bodied hockey officials to the sport of sledge hockey. Essentially, sledge hockey is the same as able-bodied hockey. However, there are some obvious differences as well as subtle differences in the way the game is played and officiated, and officials should take note of these when becoming involved in the sport. This is not a comprehensive manual – it is intended to serve as a guideline for officials who are interested in making the transition to sledge hockey from the able-bodied side of the game.

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Sledge Hockey Education Package

Do you want to know more about sledge hockey and those who play it? Check out an educational package put together by Hockey Canada that covers everything from the game's history to player disabilities.

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Sledge Hockey Arena Guidelines

As the sport of sledge hockey continues to grow, more and more cities from coast to coast are eager to be a part of it. With Hockey Canada’s arena design guidelines for sledge hockey, communities can find out just what needs to be done to make their local rink sledge hockey accessible and attract one of Canada’s fastest growing sports.

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