School Program

Math – Grade 6

Graphing Gold

  • Students use a variety of graphs to track and chart the medal count at the World Junior Hockey Championships.

Save Percentage

  • Students analyze goaltender statistics in last year’s World Junior Tournament to calculate the save percentage for the goalie in each game. 

Goals & Assists Point to Success

  • Students compare the Team Canada player standings for the 2018 and 2019 World Junior Tournaments in a double bar graph.

Home Team Attendance

  • Students use estimation strategies and number sense to estimate the attendance of a National Hockey League team in a Canadian hockey market
Building an Arena
  • Students will use their knowledge of measurement – capacity, perimeter, surface area etc. to construct/build a Hockey Canada arena.

Basic Facts Hockey Puzzle – Fractions

  • Students match the improper fractions to the related mixed number to discover the name of a Hockey Canada player.  

Hockey Store

  • Students will use a repertoire of math strategies to solve decimal multiplication and division problems.

Hockey Puzzle – Percentages

  • Students match the fraction and decimal to the related percentage to discover the name of the Hockey Canada player. 

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