Emergency Action Plan

Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager

In a situation where a player is injured on the ice, the following are the responsibilities of the coach/assistant coach/manager:

  • The coach/assistant coach/manager should not be in a role where they are part of the Emergency Action Plan as the call person or the control person. The coach and manager should initiate a meeting at the beginning of the season to ensure they have the volunteers required for their Emergency Action Plan.
  • In the case of a serious injury, the coach has the responsibility to ensure all other players on the team are kept at the bench or are taken to the dressing room if instructed to do so by the game official.
  • The assistant coach will assist the coach as necessary with this process. If the coach is acting as the safety person, they should pre-determine who on the team will take on the supervision role if he or she is attending to an injured player.
  • The manager should make themselves available to the safety person to assist in any way possible. This could include accessing the medical history form, speaking with the parents and assisting the control person.