Help address the challenges of cyberbullying

Much like schools, hockey organizations struggle with how much they are responsible for away from the rink and the game. Adults sometimes minimize the issue of bullying by calling it a “fact of life” and “part of growing up,” while law enforcement may not intervene as there is not enough evidence. Parents, coaches and other authority figures may not realize the seriousness of the situation, and the consequences it can have on the young person being bullied or cyberbullied. If something is done, the investigation and response to complaints is often complex and time consuming.

Administrators Manual

This is a working document only to show how the manual will be set up; this will be changed as the manual is created. Each topic will link to the information identified, and a pdf of the full document will be available.

Message to Branches and Minor Associations

Hockey Canada
Kids Help Phone

Understanding Cyberbullying

Definition of Bullying
Definition of Cyber bullying
Forms of Cyberbullying
Why do people cyberbully?
What research tells us (this may all be one section, no subheadings?)
Impacts of cyberbullying on all involved
Who is Involved? (bully, bystander, targets)
What makes Cyberbullying different from other types of bullying? (harder to escape, etc)

Examples of cyberbullying

Words – on social media
Words – through texts or emails
Images – on social media
Images – on texts (e.g., sexting)

Texting ( do we have a section as very popular with kids)

Why it is important to step in

How the individual can make a difference
The importance of prevention

Practical steps to deal with cyberbullying messages

Privacy settings
When to keep or erase

Branch/Minor Hockey Association Prevention

Challenges in dealing with Cyberbullying
What can a Branch or MHA do to reduce Cyberbullying?
What to do about cyberbullying
Hockey Canada/KHP/PREVNet Tip Sheets
Individual actions
Community actions (including Hockey Canada expectations)
How to help one another – Team Meetings

Legal Issues

How to deal with Cyberbullying

Policy Building

Policy Checklist
Policy Template

Reporting and discipline

How to report (including why)
Disciplinary steps, progressive discipline

Social Media Terms
Common Social Media Buttons
Common Texting Symbols
Resources – Take from website resources

Policy Manual coming soon!