National Skills Standards & Testing program

Test Procedures

Take the following to ensure that you are prepared to administer the Hockey Canada National Skills Standards and Testing Program.

  • View the ice set up for each testing station
  • Download a copy of the NSST Handbook
  • Download a copy of the Station Posters for each skill test station
  • Prepare Team Recording Sheets for each station
  • At the completion of the testing period, place all player score on a master recording sheet
  • Share the results with your players and their parents

To record the results on the National Skills Standards and Testing website:

  • Manually insert data online.
  • Scores, comparisons, percentiles.
  • View drills for improvement
  • Repeat testing later in season

Now that you have tested your team you can upload the scores manually online or use an upload template to upload your team’s scores online to have a free analysis, ranking with graphs and comments of your players. Your players will be compared to each other and to the national database to see how they rank for each drill.