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Future Stars Day - Barrie Minor Hockey

What do minor hockey associations have to say?

Thanks to your program and the cool stuff the atoMc players received, they felt like CHAMPS. I see some of them wearing their jerseys around town and at school. They all loved the toques, too. Some have their Golden Moments patch sewn onto their school bags and hockey jackets.

The entire atoMc program is amazing. I'm so happy we got to experience and use the assets your program provides. From the swag to the training help (I used a few of the drills from the website), it has been so helpful in all aspects of running a hockey team.

On behalf of the Plattsville atoMc Rage hockey team, thank you from our players, parents and coaches for such a great program. It helped us make this season fun and memorable for all our kids

- Shawn Robinson, coach

“Love the jerseys and the whole program itself, it really helps our organization keeping costs in line.”

- Centre Wellington Minor Hockey

“Our parents thought it was great that you are involved with minor hockey at the grass root level and we play outdoor so we are as grass roots as it gets.”

- Swansea Hockey Association

“Cool program, our coaches loved it! Golden Jersey was a great reward to recognize each member on the team.  They wore it to the next practice and got to pick a drill they wanted to do.  Kids voted at the end who would get to keep the jersey.  Thank you for a great program and we would like to continue!”

- Greater Vernon Minor Hockey Association

“They were thrilled to keep their set of jerseys and the coaches appreciated the materials!! Team always wore their team hats!”

- Souris Minor Hockey Association

“Players love the jerseys, parents love that it cost them less to outfit their child for the year.”

- Brockville Girls Hockey Association

“Coming from a small Association where we can keep cost down for the kids is wonderful and atoMc have done this for us. The parents and kids are very thankful for what McDonalds have done and are doing. From Gros Morne Minor, thank you very much.”

- Gros Morne Minor Hockey Association

“Our organization LOVES the AtoMc program!  This is our 3rd season and we couldn't be happier.  The cost savings to our organization and families is wonderful.  The kids love all of the stuff and strive to get the golden jersey.  It is well received by everyone, thank you.”

- Quesnel and District Minor Hockey Association

“It was our first year in the program, everyone from player to parents and coaches were very proud of being part of this program and we were desperate for jerseys so it was such a great moment when we gave this little northern community Atom team new jerseys! What a proud bunch of kids!”

- Longlac Minor Hockey Association

“Coaches and parents love the Golden Jersey Program.  They also love the Jerseys, as it definitely keeps the costs for kids to play down.”

- Lac du Bonnet Minor Hockey Association

“The kids are proud to wear their toques and jerseys.  It is very special to the parents and the players that they get to keep one jersey.  The Golden Moments Jersey is a wonderful opportunity and provides incentive for all players to work together. It is also a wonderful keepsake for the coach.”

- Kaslo & District Minor Hockey Association

“Great Partnership so please continue.”

- Lloydminster Minor Hockey

"The local McDonalds restaurant Manager and staff were excellent, the girls enjoyed being treated to a fun team event to  start the season. They also love the fact that they get to keep their jerseys.”

- Woodstock Wildcats Girls Hockey Association

“All very good. Kids loved the jerseys and other stuff.  We have a very good McDonald's owner here.  He loves his hockey.”

- Salmon Arm Minor Hockey

“The coaches said the kids love McDonalds as their sponsor and winning the Golden Jersey.  They take their picture and we post on the website.  We also used our local restaurant to supply a pancake breakfast for teams at our end of season Banquet.”

- Pickering Hockey Association

“The quality of the jerseys and socks and happy that they allowed for smaller sizes jerseys this year.”

- Assiniboine Park (APHA)

“Our parents and coaches think that this is one of the best programs in sports there is.”

- Brave Raiders Athletic Club

“They really loved the new jerseys and thought it was a great idea to have the kids keep one at the end of the season. They also loved the golden jersey award.”

- Cloverdale Minor Hockey

“Excellent program overall and very much appreciated in small town Canada.”

- Ottawa Valley District Hockey Girls Association

“With the new jerseys and socks, the team had more ice time for practice as they did not need to purchase new jerseys.”

- Timmins and District Girls Hockey Association

“Parents, players and coaches alike are very impressed with the program.  They appreciate the opportunity to be involved and receive such support from our local McDonalds and Mr. Dooley.”

- Moose Jaw Minor Hockey Association

“All positive. Kids enjoy the uniforms and being associated with McDonalds. The association parents are very happy.”

- Guelph Minor Hockey Association

“Very pleased with the jerseys, socks and all other supplied items. It helped keep the costs down.”

- Rayside-Balfour Minor Hockey Association

“They thought it was an excellent program, and really appreciated Mc Donald's for giving back to our community in such a valuable way.”

- Northside & District Minor Hockey

“Parents and coaches love the uniforms and the Golden jersey and Golden moment patches.  The coaches find the coaching manual helpful and the players love all of the "extras" like the hats and skate towels.  Please continue with it as it is a wonderful program.”

- Guelph Girls Hockey Association

“This program in our community is great, they support female hockey and our paired store is fantastic!”

- Tri Cities Female Ice Hockey Association

“I thought the program was great – the coaches’ manual was very helpful – very smart to have both half- and full-ice practice drills.

The gold jersey became a real focal point with the team – the guidance in the coaches’ manual was great namely it doesn’t go to the best player or the highest goal scorer, but the best team player – after everyone had received it, I switched from making it a coaches’ decision to letting the kid who last won the shirt make the decision – it amazed me how much thought they put into the pick and that it never went to a buddy or someone who scored a lot of goals (a couple of times kids won it for hard backchecks – I almost cried!).  After our championship game, I made a point of presenting it one last time with the winner keeping it forever – gave it to a non-Select player who played his heart out all season – from the look on his face, it almost meant more to him than his championship trophy.”

- John Ballantyne, Don Mills Civitan Hockey League

"On behalf of the Wainfleet Minor Hockey Association here in southern Ontario,  I wish to extend our sincere thanks to McDonald's for the sponsorship of our Atom team.  McDonald's sponsorship package is extraordinarily thorough in meeting the needs of the team and the coach as well.  The uniforms are beautiful and the kids just love the golden jersey and the whole premise behind getting to wear it!  
We cannot thank you enough for the generosity of your support again this year and we look forward to a continued relationship for this coming season! Thank you for all that you and your team do to support our association!"

- Amber Dodd, Wainfleet Minor Hockey Association

“Thanks to McDonald’s I've been able to register five children in this program who normally wouldn't have had the chance to do so. Because of the cost savings I was able to take that money and put it into helping children in my area that couldn't afford to pay the costs of registration.”

- Scott Forward, President, Goulds Minor Hockey

 “The players were very excited when they got to keep their Jersey’s at year’s end and some teams had all Kids autograph them for Keepsakes. I cannot put in words the effect the Golden Jersey award had on these kids. It was a highlight of the program, and was an excellent tool for coach’s to award kids for the dedication to the sport and their team.”

- Cory Barlow.  Pownal Minor Hockey

“The kids all wear their jerseys proudly and we have had many complements from parents and players about the program and McDonalds support.  Furthermore, your contribution saves us about $3,000 of costs we would otherwise spend to outfit these teams and is equivalent to about 5 corporate sponsorships (based on our traditional rate of $600 per sponsorship).  Your contribution allows us to keep our registration fees lower and thereby allow a number of players to play in our house league program, who might otherwise not be able to afford to play.”

- Rich Ternieden, President West Mall Minor Hockey Association

"The program you offer is amazing! The looks on these kids faces with their new jerseys, and socks.  We are a small town and for these kids to look so sharp on the ice, really, it’s so great that this program is available to make these kids feel & look like “real” hockey players."

- Tanya Kontuk, Parent, Westville Miners

"I write to thank you for the Jerseys, Hockey Team Kit, and in general the support for this year. The jerseys are always excellent quality and exceed expectations. The kit we received is great and the boys loved the gifts, particularly the skate towel and neck warmer. I know that there is a belief, from some, that this is "normal" or "expected" and widespread through all divisions, but I know it is not. I made sure that the boys and parents knew that the gifts and support came from Whitby McDonalds."

- Ian Corby, WMHA

"As a popular and successful business chain, it is positive to see a big company give back to the community. Hockey is an expensive sport and any support that would reduce the cost for the association would in turn benefit the families by keeping the cost down.  It gives her team a more unique appearance within the association. The golden jersey - my daughter's team award the golden jersey to a different player after every game in recognition of efforts/achievements during the game.  The player gets to sign it and wear it to practices until the next game. Favourite element.."

- Parent, Vancouver Girls Ice Hockey

"Last year with The AtoMC program the House kids felt like a million dollars they were so excited to be getting their own Socks and Jerseys. The Golden Jersey was the most special Idea with the patch to put on their Jersey afterwards - as a honor badge to show that they worked hard and it paid off.  The "All-Star" players were not the special ones anymore,  every house kid that felt the heartache of not making the all star team had their spirits lifted through this program and I want to say what that means to a parent to see his or her child feel so special after not making a team with some of their friends. Words can not describe. I think the intent of this program is to assist associations with jerseys and equipment, but it also put pride back into a group of young players!"

- Terry Putt, Goulds Minor Hockey

I write to you today on behalf of the Lancaster AtoMc Nuggets.  We are located in Saint John, NB.  When we came together as a team in the fall, we were very excited to hear that you would be sponsoring our team.   The players loved their jerseys and socks and all the extras that they received!  The materials provided for the coaching staff was greatly appreciated.  As volunteers, any extra guidance on making practices challenging and fun is always welcome.  The drills you provide on the Hockey Canada website have been useful as well.

Hockey has a special place in the hearts of many Canadians.  To those who play, coach, volunteer, and come out to cheer, the sport is all the more dear.  We know it is not about going out and scoring goals and winning, as it is so much more than that.  Our hockey association is in and of itself, a family.  Hockey brings friends together to work towards a common goal.  It provides physical fitness to our children.  Life lessons are learned on and off the ice.  Hockey teaches team work, respect, patience, and the importance of having fun and doing our best.  As the Lancaster Minor Hockey Association has been part of our family over the years, so too has McDonald’s.  McDonald’s also has the ability to bring a smile to a child’s face.  McDonald’s has always understood what it is like to be a child.  As we grow and look back on our childhood, spending time on the ice and the excitement of seeing the golden arches are memories we all share.  It seems to be the perfect combination to have McDonald’s a part of our hockey experience.  Thank you McDonald’s, for being a part of our family.  Our Nuggets wear their jerseys with pride!

Hockey is about meeting new friends, having fun and learning new skills. Thanks for supporting us by buying those awesome black and gold jerseys. - #4 Kellen Lamb, Assistant Captain

Thank you McDonald’s for sponsoring our team and giving us great jerseys.  Hockey is all about having fun and playing fair.  I’m lovin’ it! – #8 Scott Peacock

Hockey is important to me because I get to meet new friends and going away for tournaments is my favorite part! Thanks McDonalds! - #16 Connor Hill, Captain

- Lancaster AtoMc Nuggets

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