Timbits Under-7 Hockey

Timbits U7 hockey is a fun, safe and engaging introduction to Canada’s game

You've watched your little one learn to walk, run and skate. Timbits U7 is the next step to enjoying sports for life.

Timbits U7 makes the first strides in the game a safe and positive experience, introducing first-timers to basic skills. Kids become members of a team, develop self-confidence and experience personal achievement, all through fun and fair play.

If a new player has fun, develops basic skills and builds confidence, there is a better chance they will enjoy hockey for a lifetime. That’s what the Timbits U7 program does.
With resources at their fingertips, Timbits U7 coaches can help players learn the game in the right environment.
Getting arenas and teams ready for cross-ice in Timbits U7 means getting the most out of development opportunities.
Every season, Tim Hortons provides hundreds of thousands of jerseys to Timbits U7 teams, and registration is easy!
Why cross-ice? Are goaltenders allowed? Should there be tiering? Are there officials? How are coaches supported?
It was very motivating for the kids to know that if they were first off the bench and to the loose puck, they would have the advantage. That really got the kids skating!”

– Parent's observation of the benefits of cross-ice hockey


Timbits U7 hockey serves as the foundation upon which the entire hockey experience is built. But it is also an opportunity to build memories that will last long after the game ends. The special bonds and friendships that hockey helps create – for both players and parents – start with Timbits U7.

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