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NCCP Minimum Age Policy

The National Coach Certification Program has an age policy to ensure a safe, positive and productive experience for players, coaches and parents.

The NCCP Policy on Minimum Age states that:

  • Persons younger than 16, and older than 14, may enrol in and complete NCCP or NCCP qualifying education opportunities; where:
    • The CAC has approved an NSO’s application that specifies that the NSO:
      • Plans to offer NCCP or NCCP qualifying development opportunities to persons younger than 16 years of age;
      • Agrees to provide these opportunities within the framework of the NCCP;
      • Agrees to submit and maintain the records on the NCCP Database
    • The provincial/territorial government or designated delivery agency authorizes enrolment in multi-sport modules.

Any person younger than 16 and older than 14 will be designated on the CAC Database with an underage status indicator.

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